The iconic CB400 returns but with the new E-Clutch

Since Honda announced its intention to discontinue its incombustible CB400 Super Four by 2023, most lovers of the Japanese brand, and especially of the iconic model, feel deep pain inside. Basically, because we are talking about a symbol within the firm, especially within the local market.

However, today we have good news regarding this issue, since the rumors of his return for next year are increasing by the moment. If we also take into account that this information comes from some specialized Japanese media, we can almost confirm that the CB400 will be among us again in a very short time.

Honda CB400 2025: A long-awaited return

It has been the Webike colleagues who have “raised the issue” with the issue. Previously, we had been aware of some information that directly pointed to Honda already working on a new 2025 CB400. Now these isolated news are beginning to make sense after the new information we have.

Especially those related to the almost confirmed possibility that this 2025 CB400 will arrive equipped with the new electronic clutch technology Honda E-Clutch, recently released in the new Honda CBR650R and CB650R. If you still don't know what the topic is about, we advise you to take a look at this article.

The return of the CB400 is confirmed for 2025 and probably equipped with E-Clutch

In summary, the Honda E-Clutch It allows us quick and precise changes, up or down gears, as well as super smooth starts and stops without having to use the clutch lever. To do this, it takes elements from the technology and operation of quickshifters, conventional manual clutches and Honda's Dual Clutch Transmission technology.

Will there be a CB500 for the Chinese market?

In addition to the news about the arrival of a CB400 of a new batch for 2025, the possibility that Honda is already working on a 500 cc variant for the Asian market is also relevant and why not, later, end up marketing it in other parts of the world.

The return of the CB400 is confirmed for 2025 and probably equipped with E-Clutch

At the end of 2022 we asked ourselves the question “New four-cylinder Honda CB500?” Then it was the Japanese publication Autoby, which put us on the trail of the possible plans of the brand with the golden wing. If we add to this the fact that Honda started its commercial activity on April 1 at the facilities of its new subsidiary Honda Motorcycle Shanghaithis theory gains even more strength.

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