The new range of Ducati Performance accessories in charge of enhancing the Streetfighter V2

Ducati Performance and the Streetfighter V2 They join forces to conquer the most enthusiasts of the Italian brand, thanks to the collaboration of brands such as Rhizome and Akrapovičoffering a wide range of accessories characterized by the unmistakable Ducati design and the utmost care in manufacturing.

The Streetfighter V2 is a motorcycle with a unique character, which reinterprets the «Formula Fight» from Ducati. The technical base inherited from the Panigale V2, combined with the high and wide handlebars, define a sports naked with fast and intuitive handling, as well as capable of offering high performance even on a track.

Their 178 kg weight dry they are combined with 153 hp of the Superquadro engine 955cc, and kept under control by a top-notch electronics package. Furthermore, to further highlight its dual soul, the Ducati Performance catalog offers a wide selection of accessories that owners can turn to according to their preferences.

Ducati by Rizoma accessories for Streetfighter V2 in detail

For those who think that the details make the difference, customization can begin with a specific selection of forged aluminum components, with which to enhance and refine the design of the bike. Streetfighter V2. A complete range of accessories developed in collaboration with Rizoma.

Mirrors (96880531AA and 96880541AA)

They offer a touch of exclusivity with their aerodynamic design and 3D treatment, while guaranteeing excellent rear visibility thanks to the high quality of the mirror and the solidity of the aluminum structure.

Fluid reservoirs for front brake (96180581AA) and clutch (96180511AA)

The inspection porthole transforms from a purely technical element into a refined element of style, thanks to its wavy shape that extends across the entire lateral surface.

The new range of Ducati Performance accessories in charge of enhancing the Streetfighter V2

Front brake (96180761AA) and clutch levers (96180771AA)

They are designed to improve their appearance and functionality, thanks to the adjustment of the distance to the handlebars and a greater grip. And not only that: the holes at the ends lighten the component, while the articulation reduces the possibility of breakage in the event of a collision.

Handlebar Weights (97380861AA) and Brake Lever Guard (96180521A)

The former offer protection to the handlebars in the event of a fall, the latter prevent accidental activation of the front brake, protecting the lever from contact with other road users or with other riders on the track.

The latter, which is assembled with the suitable adapter set (96180671A)is supplied with a matching left counterweight, to ensure maximum stability and perfect aesthetic balance.

The new range of Ducati Performance accessories in charge of enhancing the Streetfighter V2

Fork Slider (97382021AB)

The fusion between aesthetics and protection is found in this element that is mounted on the front wheel axle to protect it in the event of a slip, in addition to enhancing the appearance of the front.

Fuel cap (97780051BA)

It is a detail with a purely racing style, but designed to be used daily, even on the road. In fact, removing the lock does not compromise security thanks to the anti-tamper system with which it is equipped.

This comes equipped with a special key supplied that reproduces the shape of the Ducati shield. In addition, the high-quality anodizing with which it is finished guarantees that the color is maintained over time despite contact with gasoline.

The new range of Ducati Performance accessories in charge of enhancing the Streetfighter V2

Oil Filler Cap (97380871AA)

Finally, to embellish the Superquadro twin-cylinder, an oil filler cap is available, one that, like all the accessories described so far, is also made of forged aluminum.

The Streetfighter V2 is dressed in the lightness of carbon

The components Ducati by Rizoma They combine perfectly with the lightness of carbon fiber, chosen to reduce weight and give a racing look to numerous elements of the Streetfighter V2.

Carbon Spoiler Set (96981341AA)

It is undoubtedly one of the most impactful accessories available for the super naked V2 Ducati. In fact, they combine the lightness of the material with aerodynamic efficiency and an exclusive and very careful appearance.

The new range of Ducati Performance accessories in charge of enhancing the Streetfighter V2

They have a shape specially designed in the wind tunnel to improve the stability of the bike at high speeds, increasing the effectiveness of the Streetfighter V2 in circuit use.

Carbon license plate holder (97381162CA)

It completes the evolution of the motorcycle, distinguishing itself from the standard one not only for the material used, but also for being more compact, while still being easy to disassemble if the motorcycle is used on the track.

Front (96989971A), rear (96900312A) and carbon heel guards (96981062A) fenders

Designed to enhance the aesthetics of the Streetfighter V2the carbon mudguards are perfectly combined with the heel protectors that offer aesthetic coherence to the entire transformation and protect the area from contact with racing boots.

The new range of Ducati Performance accessories in charge of enhancing the Streetfighter V2

The sound and racing soul also count in the Streetfighter V2

When the goal is performance among pianos, there are above all two accessories from the official line Ducati Performance that aim to enhance the sporting soul of the Streetfighter V2while increasing its benefits.

Titanium racing silencers (96481732AA)

Reserved for those who wish to use the motorcycle on the track, the unmistakable Ducati style is combined with the impeccable manufacturing care of Akrapovič. Made in collaboration with Ducati Corseare sold complete with a high-performance polyester air filter and dedicated engine mapping, in order to guarantee perfect tuning and, therefore, maximum performance.

In fact, the increase in maximum power is 2.5% and that in torque is 2%, but both values ​​also increase in the mid-ranges, with +2% for power and even +9% for engine torque. All this is accompanied by a considerable weight reduction, equivalent to 5 kg less than the stock exhaust system.

The new range of Ducati Performance accessories in charge of enhancing the Streetfighter V2

Single seat tail (97180793AA)

It eliminates the passenger seat and the corresponding footpegs, thus gaining the aesthetic impact of a super sports motorcycle without compromise. The entire range of accessories is available on the brand's official website, where through the section «Configurator» You can choose your favorite accessories and share them with the nearest dealer.

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