Zeeho arrives with its electric vehicles in Europe with the help of Pierer Mobility AG

A few weeks ago we talked about the arrival of Zeeho to Europe with the help of Pierer Mobility AG, but it is now that the official confirmation has arrived, from the Austrian firm, of its connection to the electric motorcycle brand of Chinese origin. .

Taking advantage of the dealer network that the European group already has, which, remember, is the owner of KTM, Husqvarna, GASGAS and majority shareholder of MV Agusta, Zeeho electric motorcycles will gradually be integrated into the European market.

For now, three models will arrive, which are the Zeeho AE6+, AE8 S+ and C!TY SPORT, all of them already available online and which have different technical characteristics that differentiate one from the other. In fact, the first two are scooters while the last is a model that we could consider a motorcycle due to its dynamic characteristics.

Zeeho AE6+

On the one hand there is the Zeeho AE6+, which we could consider as the firm's lightest scooter, with a maximum speed of 80 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h in 4.6 seconds and a maximum range of 100 kilometers. It is available for 2,990 euros with a battery. If you want a second one to be able to exchange it, the price with VAT included is 3,490 euros.

Zeeho AE8+S

The AE8 S+ is the top of the range at the moment

The next step in terms of performance and continuing with scooters would be the Zeeho AE8+S which already reaches 100 kilometers per hour, accelerates to 50 kilometers per hour in 2.6 seconds and maintains autonomy at 100 kilometers, always under the limits. established parameters. This performance is noticeable in the price, which already stands at 4,990 euros VAT included.


The range is completed with the C!TY SPORT

To round off the range we find the Zeeho C!TY SPORT which, despite being a motorcycle in itself due to its shapes, is a moped. Therefore, its maximum speed is 45 kilometers per hour and it has a range of 74 kilometers. Of course, its battery is guaranteed more than 1,000 charge cycles. As for the price, it is 2,990 euros VAT included.

The official presentation of the brand in Europe took place precisely in Spain, more specifically in Barcelona last March, and it was the time for the main qualities of the brand's vehicles to be known.

Regarding its implementation in our country, there are already almost a dozen dealers of the brand operating throughout the country. All these points of sale, as well as those that we can find in Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom, are available on the Zeeho website.

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