The most beast of the Italians is their new MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition. Hold on, curves are coming

MV Agusta has just unveiled the latest evolution of its wildest hypernaked, the Rush Mamba Edition. With truly impressive figures, in every sense, this unique motorcycle challenges the established limits in terms of design and performance. With 208 HPa maximum speed of 300 km/h, a curb weight of only 186 kg and a compression of 13.4:1, this machine is set to become the most desired unicorn for lovers of premium naked motorcycles with pedigree, style and, Above all, a lot of character.

With this naked, MV Agusta It reaches levels of elegance and excellence from another planet. Furthermore, with the kit included as standard, which transforms this Rush In a unique machine, the features and mechanical dynamism become even more exciting.

This is the MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition

The heart of this beast is an inline four-cylinder engine block equipped with radial valves and titanium connecting rods, representing the technological forefront in two-wheeled engineering. In fact, we could say that the Rush Mamba Edition offers MotoGP performance.

As we mentioned before, it generates a power of 208 hp at 13,000 rpm and, in addition, this engine is complemented by an impressive four-outlet exhaust that highlights an aggressive and unmistakable sound. Of course, we are looking at a motorcycle that breaks necks wherever it goes. This motorcycle reaches speeds of up to 300 km/h and more.

MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition

The MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition shares crucial elements with the brutal 1000. Such as the propellant, chassis and electronics. As if that were not enough, this Rush It has unique distinctive features, such as its headlights, rear frame and passenger seat, designed specifically for this mount.

As we are seeing, the MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition represents the latest evolution in the world of high-performance naked bikes. Designed for the most impressive accelerations, and devour the asphalt without contemplation, this MV Agusta It has the most rebellious appeal of drag racing.

MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition

So, the MV Agusta Rush Mamba Editionwith its arrogant and wild character, offers an uncensored driving experience, in addition, it is backed by the most advanced electronic technology for maximum safety.

Designed for dizzying acceleration and leaving a trail of burning asphalt, its indomitable power and appeal make it an irresistible temptation. Finally, and as you can imagine, the price is not exactly low. If you want to get one of them you will have to pay 49,799 euros.

MV Agusta Rush Mamba Edition

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