Skoda Vision Gran Turismo: another one that goes for the video game

There are few video games related to the world of motorsport that have as much name as those of the Gran Turismo saga. In recent years we have seen countless collaborations with car manufacturers, who agreed to develop their own virtual prototypes so that they would appear in the game and users could compete with them. The last one was Skoda Vision Gran Turismowhich will soon make its star appearance in Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation 4 and 5, with a very interesting nod to the past.

Because the virtual prototype wanted remember the roots of Skoda in competition, something that goes back more than a century in time. And if you had to choose only one model that was iconic in that history, there was no better choice than the 1100 OHC Spider from 1957. It was that convertible single-seater developed to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and which stood out for its lightness. What the Czech firm has done is create a new model with Modern Solid design language and more futuristic lines.

Some of the most characteristic details of the Skoda Vision Gran Turismo are the T-shaped headlights and the color. Explorer Green in a matte finish that stains its bodywork, although it has more. The most interesting thing is probably the active aerodynamic components that improve their performance. It has a deployable rear spoiler that fulfills its purpose perfectly. Furthermore, lightness remains key as in the original and weightbarely 1,300 kgsomething that will contribute to spectacular performance.

As it had to adapt to the current times, it has an electric propulsion system made up of four motors, one on each wheel. They combine to achieve a power of 1,087 HP and 1,020 Nm of torque, with all-wheel drive making its behavior improve. No acceleration or autonomy data are given, although it is stated that its lithium ion battery has 87 kWh capacity. It seems secondary, considering that it is a car that can only be driven in the virtual world.

If that the cockpit has been well cared for, which has the pilot in a central position. The adjustable sports seat has a six-point harness and faces a striking futuristic-looking carbon steering wheel. The minimalism is total and there are hardly any individually customizable buttons for the functions chosen by the driver. With this Skoda Vision Gran Turismo the video game is completed to offer more than 400 vehicles from more than 60 manufacturers.

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