The mythical acronym Sahara returns to Honda in the form of a low-displacement trail

In South American countries like Brazil, Honda has a special market where motorcycles like its new Sahara 300 They have a guaranteed place among fans. This is helped by its high level of versatility, mechanical simplicity and economical maintenance thanks to the general simplicity of the assembly.

In this way, the golden wing firm recovers the Sahara acronym 25 years after discontinuing the previous one. NX350 Sahara. A model that began its commercial life in 1990 and would remain active until 1999, at which time it would be replaced by the NX4 Falcon. In recent times, Honda is recovering many of its legendary names, and the Sahara joins the list.

In any case, he did not want to change the concept that surrounds the Sahara, maintaining that efficiency-economy relationship unchanged, which becomes even more palpable in trail-type motorcycles as is the case of our protagonist. However, Honda has not left any of the details that make up its new mount to chance.

Honda Sahara 300 2024 in detail

The new Sahara replaces the previous Mechanically, it has a single-cylinder 293ccair-cooled and associated with a six-speed transmission.

The brand approves a final power of 25.2 HP at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 27 Nm at 5,750 revolutionsfigures sufficient to move the 149 kg dry that Honda declares. In addition, it has a cycle section equipped with double brake discs, one per axle, telescopic fork and Pro-link system in the suspension section.

As for equipment, Honda offers the fan a dual-channel ABS system, Full LED lighting, emergency braking signaling system, USB-C port and a multifunction digital screen as an instrument panel.

The mythical acronym Sahara returns to Honda in the form of a low-displacement trail

In addition, the brand offers us three different versions of the model: Standard, Adventure and Gathering, where the color scheme varies and in the case of the Adventure variant it has some additional details, such as a larger front screen. Prices start at 27,090 Brazilian reals, about 4,970 euros at the exchange rate.

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