MotoGP24 promises epic emotions thanks to the collaboration of world championship riders

Celestino Vietti and Filippo Farioliprominent Moto2 and Moto3 riders respectively, headed to the Milestone offices in Milan to share their valuable perspectives and experience regarding the development of the next release in the saga MotoGP24. By the way, a game whose launch we anticipated not too long ago.

MotoGP24the brand new and next installment of the official MotoGP video game, will bring all the excitement of the world's most prestigious two-wheeled championships back to consoles starting May 2, 2024.

This has been the development of MotoGP24 by professional riders

On this occasion, the Milan-based development team had the collaboration of two special advisors to further raise the quality standard of the simulation. On the one hand, Celestino Vietti, emerging promise of Moto2. And on the other, Filippo Farioli, young Moto3 talent. Both met at the company's offices to offer their crucial comments about driving physics and how to make it as faithful as possible to reality.

The participation of Vietti and Farioli In the early stages of the game's development it was relevant to improve one of the most challenging aspects: the in-game reproduction of a driver's real driving on the track, especially with regard to entering and exiting corners.

This is where the talent and experience of the pilots makes the difference, pushing their machines to the limit to achieve the best possible performance. Without a doubt, an experience that players will be able to live fully in the new installment of the MotoGP24 franchise.


The experience of Vietti and Farioli has been instrumental in designing more forgiving gameplay compared to previous installments. This will allow you to explore the limits of physics in a more controlled way, leaving room for your skills and increasing the level of realism.

Following suggestions and instructions from both riders, the rear of the Moto2 bikes will feel slightly unstable at the beginning of the braking phase, followed by more powerful engine braking, pushing players towards a more similar riding style. to that of real racing. In addition, the behavior of the motorcycle has been modified to make it smoother and more maneuverable during quick changes of direction.


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