Ducati 998 from 2002 ex Hailwood “km 0”

The Ducati 998, in any of its versions, represents the swan song of one of the most emblematic models in the history of two wheels. Considered by many to be the most beautiful sports motorcycle ever built, it is clear that Massimo Tamburini was touched by the wand of genius when he designed the strokes of the iconic Italian.

If, in addition to everything previously described, we add the fact of finding a copy with barely 500 miles on its odometer, some 825 kilometers, more than one person's pulse must be racing just thinking about it. Well, this is the case of this beautiful Ducati 998 from 2002 which the friends of Iconic Motorbike currently have for sale.

In any case, and if you still do not know the history of the model well, we leave you some parts of the review that Motorcycle coined at the time after the presentation of the Ducati 998: “This is not a commuter model, although some owners will no doubt commute in theirs, possibly because they simply want to drive it over and over again.”

And continues: “But the 998 is also far from being a banzai, extravagant motorcycle: it is actually very refined. This sense of ease of use is relatively new for a Ducati, leading one of the testers to comment on how it was acting more and more like a Honda VFR800, a comment that didn't really sit well with the Ducati.”

Dream bikes for sale: Ducati 998 from 2002

Concludes: “It is true, however, that this is the smoothest and most civilized version of the 916 ever released. But don't worry, they haven't washed the soul of the machine, by any means. This is still an eight-valve Ducati Desmo twin. It can still make the hair on the back of your neck stand up in traditional Ducati style.”

It is clear what a motorcycle as special as the Ducati 998 conveyed, and continues to do so, which, for this latest version, declared a maximum power of 123 HP and 97.6 Nm of torque. These figures were managed by a “black leg” cycle part, where its star element continued to be the everlasting trellis-type tubular steel trellis chassis.

Dream bikes for sale: Ducati 998 from 2002

Ducati 998 from 2002 in detail

The few kilometers that this unit has, is joined by a peculiar history in which its current and only owner was involved. Apparently he is the lawyer who represented the Italian firm when “In 2001 Pauline Hailwood (widow of the great Mike Hailwood) sued Ducati for the use of her late husband's name during the launch of the MH900e”as they clarify in Iconic.

Subsequently, this lawyer and his law firm partner received two Ducati 998 from the transalpine firm. As detailed in the advertisement, the other partner later sold it, although our protagonist decided to keep it for a while so that it could share a garage with his Harley-Davidson.

Dream bikes for sale: Ducati 998 from 2002

However, he hardly used it, beyond a few walks during the first months of having it. In fact, it is clear that “The motorcycle has not been used in the last 15 years. It was in perfect working order the last time I used it, but all the fluids will need to be changed, the battery replaced, etc.”

This incredible example of Ducati 998 is associated with the chassis number ZDM1SB5V02B017858has the original tires with which it came off the Italian assembly line, some Michelin Pilot Sport Radial and is completely original, without modifications of any kind.

The factory tool kit and original owner's manuals are delivered with the bike. For more information and details about this Borgo Panigale icon you can go directly to the official Iconic website.

At the time I type these lines, the highest bid that has been offered is $9,000 and its reserve price has clearly not been reached.

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