Witchcraft. The OLA Solo is the first autonomous electric scooter that does not require a driver

The Indian giant of the electric scooter industry, WAVE, has shaken the market with the announcement of the first autonomous scooter that works without a driver, the OLA Solo, marking a milestone in technological innovation in terms of electric scooters. This revelation has left everyone speechless, opening the doors to endless possibilities.

What is the OLA Solo like?

He OLA Soloalthough still shrouded in some mystery, is a tiny electric scooter capable of traveling completely autonomously, even in the most challenging traffic conditions.

As it could not be otherwise, the OLA Solo It is equipped with cutting-edge technology developed in-house by WAVE. In fact, this scooter has the processor LMAO9000which allows you to make decisions in milliseconds, guaranteeing not only stability at all times, but also complete autonomy in motion.

According to the manufacturer, the OLA Solo It can perform various tasks, from going to the supermarket to pick up certain orders, to going alone to a charging station to recover energy. Furthermore, and as a culmination, the Only It incorporates artificial intelligence technology with voice recognition in 22 languages, as well as a facial recognition system and helmet activation for greater safety.

OLA Solo

This revolutionary advance will not only transform the landscape of motosharingfreeing companies from the task of moving motorcycles from one station to another or dealing with their loading, but also raises safety standards by offering driving assistance and improved stability for drivers.

In addition, the summon function, similar to that of vehicles teslawill allow users to request that the scooter pick them up at their home or any other location.

Although WAVE has not announced a release date, they assure that the development of this concept is complete. Bhavish Aggarwalpresident of the brand, has even demonstrated the operation of the autonomous scooter in the factory facilities, thus consolidating his futuristic vision.

By the way, be sure to watch the video. It is very curious to see how the scooter moves on its own.

OLA Solo

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