The new sports helmet from the Italian firm

Nolan has just introduced us to its new sports helmet N60-6 Sporta model that also has elements associated with contemporary design, such as the large rear spoiler, but also with a selection of unconventional graphics and colors, while maintaining a minimalist version.

The graphics of the new N60-6 Sport simulate Japanese tattoos and manga themes with graphic Wyvernbut they are also inspired by more traditional motorsports with the hotfootwhich combines elements and color details in perfect harmony with the external forms.

Also the finish Ravenouswith iridescent colors inspired by the world of reptiles, or fluorescent and dynamic as is the Raidancean immediate reference to the electrowave trend of the 80s and 90s.

For those who want to combine the helmet with the livery of their motorcycle, Nolan presents Outset in four colors, which with its minimalist graphics enhances the shape of the helmet and highlights the new rear spoiler.

Nolan N60-6 Sport 2024: The new sports helmet from the Italian firm

The last one on the list is the Special edition graphic, featuring the color combination of the Nolan logo with the color of the additional dark or metallic visor, displayed on a matte black shell base. There are three color combinations available.

Nolan N60-6 Sport: Innovation and functionality go hand in hand

The new N60-6 Sport It is designed not only for daily use in the city, but also for the most demanding routes. This incorporates a large panoramic visor, a ventilation system and comfortable interior padding to meet the latest generation safety and functionality standards. Closure includes retention system Nolan Microlock.

Nolan N60-6 Sport 2024: The new sports helmet from the Italian firm

For its part, the ultra-wide visor is scratch-resistant and available in various colors. The Pinlock and scratch- and fog-resistant VPS sun visor ensure optimal vision at all times, even on uneven roads and in all weather conditions.

The UV protective visor is easily adjustable in several positions and adapts perfectly to the needs of the motorcyclist. The ventilation system Airbooster Technology Allows optimal air flow inside the helmet.

Nolan N60-6 Sport 2024: The new sports helmet from the Italian firm

The air enters through the upper intake and is directed to the most critical areas, thus avoiding dispersion and guaranteeing the rider a constant temperature and excellent comfort while driving, even in extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, the N60-6 Sport presents EA (Adaptive Eyewear), a system designed to guarantee maximum comfort to the user of prescription glasses or sunglasses while driving. A space for temples has been cut out in the cheek pads, allowing the rider to put on and take off the goggles comfortably and quickly.

Nolan N60-6 Sport 2024: The new sports helmet from the Italian firm

The cheek pads are restorable. Likewise, Nolan pays special attention to the environment and adopts eco-sustainable fabrics. Inside Comfort Climate It incorporates cheek pads with easily removable and washable padding.

The new N60-6 Sport is available in the sizes 2XS to 3XL, with 6 inner shells and 2 outer shells, which allows the helmet to adapt to each need and shape of the motorcyclist's head. The price ranges between 249.99 and 279.99 euros depending on the finish chosen.

More information on the brand's official website.

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