The next electric Ferrari will have its own sound

At some point in 2025 we will know the result of the secrecy from Ferrari with its next 100% electric supercar. The project that has been suffering delays remains under a confidentiality so strict that the information comes to us in the form of few sentences so that we mortals can get an idea of ​​what this car will be like that will shine and sound with its own light. We place special emphasis on this second point since the electric Ferrari will have its own sound, the own light comes as standard; It's a Ferrari, that's how it is.

own sound

In a recent interview on CNBC's Squawk Box Europe program, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna noted that Electric cars, per se, are not silent and I reiterate that Ferrari is working on unique sound signatures for this first model and the following ones that may come, here it is worth mentioning that Ferrari already patented a sound for its electric vehicles last year. Ferrari customers don't care much about functionality, allowing the automaker to focus on offering “the emotion» of its luxury cars first of all to its customers.

The CEO, who took over at Ferrari in 2021, said he is confident the company can still offer a special driving experience by leveraging technology “in a unique way.” We will see what that means between now and 2025 without forgetting that Ferrari, while electrifying its model range, will continue investing in combustion engines. This new battery era for Ferrari will include a new production facility opening in June in Maranello that will produce battery packs, electric motors and power inverters.

Vigna said he does not believe combustion engines will completely disappear from the luxury car market and warns of a future with combustion engines, hybrids and battery electric vehicles on sale at the same time, Ferrari also plans electrify 60 percent of its model range by 2026. The synthetic fuel It is an alternative that could keep combustion engines on the road for years, while reducing harmful emissions, which is the ultimate goal of many governments around the world.

The dream of an e-horse

In short, Ferrari continues to move towards electrification without losing sight of its history in racing and its incalculable lore of luxury and sportiness. These new electric ranges will focus on weight reduction, performance and providing a experience incomparable driving. This process involves the integration of hand-made battery modules into the chassis of vehicles leaving Maranello. The iconic brand is also committed to maintaining the distinctive sound that characterizes its engines. Recognizing the importance of emotions in sports, Ferrari engineers are working on new sound signatures for their electric vehicles, which will rival those of their combustion engines. For Ferrari, authenticity is fundamental and its leap to electrification will be carried out progressively, taking advantage of the deep experience in technology acquired through its participation in the Formula One world championship.

At Maranello, genuineness has always been the norm.

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