The epic Moto Guzzi California name is re-registered in the US

The legendary name Moto Guzzi California, has set the course for generations of motorcycles aimed directly at the American market since the 1970s. However, since 2020, this name has been absent from the company's portfolio, after the disappearance of the imposing motorcycles equipped with mechanical Big Block 1,380 cc.

Its disappearance came, above all, due to the tightening of emissions regulations. Now, a new machine under this iconic name seems to be on the horizon. How do we know? Well, thanks to the fact that the brand has requested the renewal of the rights of Moto Guzzi for that name in the United States.

In the business world, strategies for accumulating old trademarks or speculative applications for names that could be used in the future abound. Triumphfor example, tends to safeguard unused models, such as Hurricane and Thunderbirdwhile bmw regularly files trademark applications for a wide range of alphanumeric combinations.

Along these lines, the parent company of Moto Guzzi, Piaggioalso follows this approach, owning the trademark rights to the name Moto Guzzi California in Europe well into the 2030s. However, the recent application made in March 2024 focuses on the United States, where the trademark registration process is more rigorous and requires a clear intention to effectively use the trademark.

Moto Guzzi California

It is evident that this request is intended to support the potential launch of a new cruiser under the name California. The application specifies that the company intends to use the trademark in good faith and legitimately in the marketplace, suggesting that the creation of a new California It is part of the company's imminent plans.

What will the future Moto Guzzi California be like?

The latest generation of California It had the V-twin engine Big Block of the company. Although its 1,380 cc capacity may seem modest compared to some of its current competitors. In order to confront machines like the BMW R 18with its imposing longitudinal engine and large dimensions, or with the similar V-twins of Harley-Davidson either Indian, Moto Guzzi would need to examine its strategies and devise an entirely new engine.

Moto Guzzi California

However, it is possible that the company decides to take another course. Previous versions of the California They were considerably smaller, with engines ranging from 850 cc to 1,100 cc, and the latest engine design, the liquid-cooled 1,042 cc DOHC used in the V100 Mandello and Stelvio, is within that range. In fact, this engine fits perfectly with current trends in smaller displacement and liquid-cooled cruisers, as demonstrated by models such as the Nightster and Sportster S of harleyas well as the models Scout of Indian.

Moto Guzzi has already announced multiple models based on the platform V100 on different motorcycles for the next five or six years, such as with the launch of the Mandello sports and trail Stelvio (another name resurrected from the past of Moto Guzzi). In this context, a California based on mechanics V100 It seems like a very plausible option for the future. In any case, time will prove or disprove us.

Moto Guzzi California

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