This cruiser offers more autonomy than a Tesla, up to 720 km. This is the incredible Smartech Felo Tooz

The benefits of the Smartech Felo Tooz They have made it shine with its own light at the last 45th Bangkok International Motor Show. This touring-style electric motorcycle, manufactured in Thailand, will hit the market with incredible numbers. To start, 720 km of autonomy on a single charge and, to finish, a maximum speed electronically limited to 200 km/h.

However, the true promise of Tooz lies in its technology, total connectivity and its spectacular 12-inch TFT screen helped by two 6-channel surround transducers. Additionally, it is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features such as Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), ABS, and traction control. The brand has reported that as soon as it hits the market, the technological package implemented will be increased.

What is the Smartech Felo Tooz like?

Of course, the Tooz It supports type 2 charging (which allows charging from 20% to 80% in just 20 minutes), and according to available Thai information, an additional option of an 8-liter cooling box is mentioned that can be installed in a of the saddlebags. The term “optional» suggests that production is already underway.

Like most modern EV cars and motorcycles, the Tooz It allows you to charge peripheral electrical devices, but it goes one step further with V2L technology, which allows you to use the motorcycle batteries to power the home. Although we do not know the exact capacity of the battery, it is undoubtedly considerable.

As we see, the choice to produce motorcycles in Thailand seems to be quite correct, considering that most of the world's main manufacturers already have operations in this country. In fact, Sling, yamaha, suzuki, Kawasaki, bmw, Triumph and Ducati They produce a significant part of their global range in this country.

Thailand may not have had any notable local motorcycle brands, but it is already one of the world's leading producers. In terms of motorcycle export value, Thailand exports motorcycles worth €2,781 million annually, ranking as the fourth largest producer in the world, surpassing India and Italy. In a few years, China, India and Thailand are expected to lead the market.

Smartech Felo Tooz

But Thailand also has a considerable domestic market, with almost 2 million motorcycles sold last year, ranking fifth in the world, after China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

With its prominent position among the world's top 10 automobile and motorcycle producers, and its budding government support, the decision of Smartech settling there makes all the sense in the world.

Smartech Felo Tooz

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