The only way to carry your mobile phone in the car without a fine

Distractions are the main cause of accidents and the mobile phone is one of the most repeated reasons for take your eyes off the road. Although the ban on using a smartphone while driving is known to everyone, many drivers can still be seen using it while driving or stopped at a traffic light. For this reason, the penalties were increased and this recklessness is punishable by a 500 euro fine and six license points. However, there is still only one way to carry the mobile phone in the car without fine.

What the law says

With the latest update of the Traffic Law It was with which the penalties for using a mobile phone while driving were toughened. According to article 13, “the use of mobile telephone devices, navigators or any other means or communication system while driving is prohibited, except when the development of communication takes place without using your hands nor use helmets, headphones or similar instruments.

Likewise, according to article 76, It is a serious infraction «using, holding it in your hand, or keeping it snug between the helmet and the user’s head, mobile telephone devices while driving, driving using mobile telephone devices manually in conditions other than those described above, drive using manually navigators or any other means or communication system, as well as carrying radar or speedometer detection mechanisms in vehicles.

What is the solution

Therefore, the only way to be able to carry your mobile phone in the car legally and without entailing a fine would be use a support. But be careful, because there could also be a penalty for those who do not use it correctly. The first thing is that the driver has to maintain freedom of movement and the necessary field of vision. That means not putting the mount in a place that blocks the driver’s view.

There is nothing specific, although it has been said that those with suction cups that are in front of the windshield can be considered prohibited depending on their position. As we say, all this depends on the interpretation of the traffic officer, so it is not worth the risk. They are more those that go on the dashboard are recommended, occupying a lower position that does not interfere with the driver’s field of vision. However, there would also be a fine of 200 euros and three points if the user operates the cell phone while walking. This must be done before starting to drive.

Types of mobile phone holder

Taking the above into account, it is best to get a mobile phone holder that allows the device to work without the driver touching it and without obstructing his or her field of vision. There is various types depending on their fixation, the most recommended being those that go directly to the air conditioning grille or the CD slot, since they are areas that are on the dashboard and do not distract too much.

There are also more types, some much more modern today that are magnetic. Even with wireless charging to avoid leaving your phone without battery. Of course, it must be repeated that it is not convenient to use those with suction cups because of the place they occupy on the windshield, nor those that hang from the rearview mirror for the same reason or those that are made for the steering wheel, as they are also considered to reduce vision.

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