Should fossil fuel advertising be banned?

Advertising has accompanied us all throughout our lives in a changing way. It is true that it seems to have passed its golden age and that there is no longer so much controversy, something that also limits creativity. So much so that it has even been decided to withdraw advertisements for some products considered harmful to human health. There are no longer explicit tobacco advertisements in motorsports and now a new limitation could arrive. It is being proposed ban advertising of fossil fuelssuch as traditional gasoline or diesel.

The proposal comes from Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations. The Portuguese has openly asked governments and media to apply restrictions on fossil fuel advertising and to stop receiving his money. Among his statements We can pick up some very controversial ones such as that these companies “distort the truth, deceive the public and sow doubts” about the climate crisis. He has also addressed them saying that we must “prevent the Mad Men from fueling madness.”

The reality of the restrictions that tobacco or alcohol have in advertising is different, since they are avoid a positive perception by the children. Here the recipient would be the adult consumer and it would be intended that fossil fuels they were frowned upon. Actions have already begun in some countries, although not so directly. France is one of the countries that limits it on coal and others, while cities such as Amsterdam, Sydney and Edinburgh limit advertising by companies that emit a lot.

Some media outlets such as The Guardian or Le Monde have also banned oil and gas advertising on their pages. However, at the national level has certain complexities. In countries like the United States, it would be almost impossible for it to move forward due to current laws that encourage freedom of expression. They would have to happen important changes at the legislative level or tighten (even more) regulations against fossil fuels to see it in the United States. However, in Europe it might be more plausible…

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