The prototype of a 1968 Honda CB750 with which they were amazed at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2024

A 1968 prototype of Honda CB750 has surprised locals and strangers at the annual Californian event Quail Motorcycle Gathering. We are talking about one of the four examples that the Japanese firm is said to have developed before the official launch of the model in 1969 on the occasion of the Tokyo Motor Show.

A few years ago we had the opportunity to show you another of these prototypes, in this case gold in color, and which ended up being auctioned for the astronomical figure of 180,000 euros. With registration plate number CGU 7H, as well as the original CB750E-2110 engine that defines it as one of the manufactured prototypes, it had remained hidden in private collections for much of the last few years.

1968 Honda CB750 prototype: A surprise in capital letters

To tell the truth, when the other CB750 prototype was auctioned in 2018, there was speculation that it was probably the only one of the four examples that was still alive. But the reality is that this is not the case, at least not according to the information we have learned thanks to our colleagues from Visor Down and this unit from 1968.

Exhibited last weekend at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, this example of CB750 The pre-series has some special elements that reveal, precisely, that we are not dealing with a unit of the conventional model. Among them, the side covers of the engine, the braking system and, according to experts in the field, it is equipped with a handmade crankshaft manufactured by CNC.

1968 Honda CB750 Prototype Wins Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2024

Gordon McCalldirector of the event, commented on this edition: “The enthusiasm for riding and unbridled passion within the motorcycle community never ceases to inspire… The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is truly a special event celebrating the evolution of the motorcycle and motorcycling.”

And concludes: “We are incredibly honored to work with our valued sponsors and suppliers in creating the most anticipated motorcycle event of the year.” Other exotic motorcycles exhibited at the event and deserving of some of the prizes awarded by category are:

1968 Honda CB750 Prototype Wins Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2024

  • A 1930 Indian Big Chief that won the Antiques category
  • An exclusive Vincent Series D Black Shadow
  • A 1955 Watsonian Sidecar
  • A Suzuki Hayabusa preparation to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the model

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