the reasons why OCC choppers were not for circulation

Chopper motorcycles are, by their very essence, motorcycles that attract attention and break with the established. But seeking to give one more twist leads to the fact that, sometimes, the screw is overdone and we are left with it in our hands.

It’s not literally what happens with this chopper that Orange County Choppers built back in the day, but almost. This OCC, by its acronym, is striking for several reasons and the first of them is that the price for which the friends of Bikes and Beards bought it for their YouTube channel was 10,000 dollars, just under 9,200 euros at the current exchange rate. .

The price is low, but this chopper is not cheap…

You may think that the most striking thing is the fluorine yellow color and not the price, but the OCC usually costs around $50,000 (approximately 45,900 euros), so getting one of their motorcycles for a fifth of the price is very interesting… If the bike really worth it.

And many of the works of the television series Orange County Choppers are intended only for exhibition, and it seems that this was one of them. There are American companies that for their events order a motorcycle that is striking and that, in one way or another, has their image. This time it is GEICO that appears on the sides.

At the end of the day, someone who puts a brand on the motorcycle, if they lower the price so sharply, is something that many of us could accept. Although the problem arises when the motorcycle starts up and that is after going to the workshop.

The lines are so extreme and the position so forced that getting around with it is almost an impossible mission. Ergonomics? So that???!!! Maneuverability? That’s cowardly! Oil leaks? Anyone who has never had a leak should throw out the first one!

And so with everything related to this OCC chopper that, despite not having cost a lot of money, is a real wreck.

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