The Yamaha R7 Cup 2024 schedules two days of testing this March

The Yamaha R7 Cup 2024 counts the days to start its third season, but first, the registered drivers will have their preseason test on March 10 in Calafat (Tarragona) to arrive prepared for the first round of the championship.

It is a complete day of testing in which those registered for the Yamaha R3 Challenge and the riders of the Yamaha R3 Challenge will also take part. FIM Women’s Motorcycling World Championship 2024which will also compete with the handlebars of the YZF-R7.

Those who have not yet decided, and who are considering signing up, will be able to enjoy a first contact with a Yamaha YZF-R7 on that same test day in Calafat, or sign up for a second call scheduled for the 25 of this same month at the Barcelona Circuit.

The test day will have a duration of 40 minutes and a cost of 150 eurosan amount that will be deducted from those who finally register for the R7 Cup.

Requirements and formulas to participate in the Yamaha R7 Cup 2024

To participate in the contest, you must be over 16 years old, have a federation license, or equivalent insurance, and reserve a place through an official brand dealer. Likewise, it is necessary to have a Yamaha YZF-R7, which may already be equipped with the GYTR kit, in which case the season registration price costs 2,199 eurosor that requires installation.

In this case, the registration cost is 6,789 euros (kit, registration and welcome material included). If you do not have the motorcycle, there is a package that includes a rental motorcycle for the entire season, a mechanic during the races and maintenance, among other advantages, for 12,969 euros.

The Yamaha R7 Cup 2024 schedules two days of testing this March

In addition, Yamaha offers the possibility of competing in specific races as a Wild Card, whether you have a prepared R7 (at a rate of 799 euros for two races) as if you need to rent it (1,349 euros per event).

Up to 5,500 euros and a YZF-R7 for the winner of the Yamaha R7 Cup 2024

For this next edition, participants will have the sponsorship of the MT helmet brand, which will offer a bonus of 2,000 euros to the first place finisher — who will also get a new YZF-R7. The second place will receive 1,500 euros, while the third will receive 1,000 euros at the end of the season.

As a novelty, Yamaha Spain will award another award in recognition of the “R7 Cup Spirit”, which reflects the main values ​​of this contest: camaraderie, effort, respect and motivation. In this case, the votes of the pilots themselves will determine the winner, who will have a reward of 2,000 euros, with 1,500 for the second place and 1,000 for the third.

The Yamaha R7 Cup 2024 schedules two days of testing this March

Likewise, at the end of the season, the three best finishers in the national phase will have the opportunity to compete in the R7 Superfinale—as long as they are between 18 and 50 years old—against drivers from this same single-make cup from other European countries.

At this point, Yamaha will support the three Spanish representatives with 1,500 euros to offset their race expenses. In this way, the winner can take home up to 5,500 euros and a YZF-R7, among the prizes that MT will award and the signature of the three tuning forks.

MT will also offer riders the option to equip themselves with the KRE+ carbon fiber helmet model – used by professional motorcycle riders – along with a set of visors, a carry bag and a set of disposables.

The Yamaha R7 Cup 2024 schedules two days of testing this March

As for the tires, the rubber that will be used in the R7 Cup are the Pirelli Diablo Superbike, the same ones used in WorldSBK. In some tests, drivers will be able to choose between the SC1 or SC2 compound to define their race strategy, since the first, which is the softest, may be less effective in conditions of high track temperatures, very aggressive driving or in the face of a very rough asphalt, for example.

All of this can be tested in the two test sessions scheduled for this month of March, prior to the start of the season, which will begin on April 6 at the Madrid Jarama Circuit.

Those interested in registering for the R7 Cup can find more information on the event’s official website.

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