The RIEJU E-Tango SM 2024 maintains the teenage supermotard spirit, but with the fun of electric motors

The new and electrifying RIEJU E-Tango SM has burst onto the market in 2024, ready to awaken that teenage love for city supermotard motorcycles. This launch not only marks a milestone in RIEJU's electric vehicle offering, but also includes the Supermotard variant, designed specifically for urban environments and approved as a moped.

This is the Rieju E-Tango SM 2024

The RIEJU E-Tango SM It shares the same platform and 4 kW electric motor (L1E) as its Off-Road version, standing out for its energy regeneration capacity and its removable 43 AH battery with fast charging.

These features not only make it efficient, but also provide great autonomy. In addition, it has three power modes: Turtle Mode, Rabbit Mode and Rocket Mode, adapting to different driving needs.

Design and technology

Technically, the E-Tango SM resembles its Off-Road counterpart with a high-strength steel perimeter chassis and a fully adjustable inverted fork with a travel of 200 mm.

The adjustable Mono-Shock shock absorber anchored to linkages and the hydraulic brakes with 4-piston caliper and 210 mm disc ensure optimal performance in any situation. Its 17” wheels and a seat height of only 830 mm guarantee a comfortable and safe position for the driver.

Advanced Security

One of the most notable new features is the implementation of an electronic and magnetic key that not only acts as an anti-theft device, but also automatically disconnects the motor in the event of a fall, preventing further damage. This safety feature is essential for both the Supermotard and Off-Road versions.

Urban Versatility

The E-Tango SM It has been designed to be versatile in the city and perfect for maximum enjoyment on the road. With an optimal suspension setting and specific street tires on 17” rims, this urban model is ideal for asphalt lovers looking for a stylish and efficient vehicle.

RIEJU E-Tango SM 2024

Comparison with the RIEJU E-Tango Off-Road

Compared to its Off-Road version, the Supermotard offers a driving experience focused on the asphalt, maintaining the essential characteristics of its off-road sister. Both versions share the same technology and robustness, but with specific adjustments that make them unique in their category.

Other Innovations

In addition, RIEJU continues to innovate in the electrical market, as reflected in other models such as the RIEJU E-Tango, which stands out for its urban approach and its versatility. This model complements the RIEJU offer, providing options for both daily use in the city and off-road adventures.

In summary, the RIEJU E-Tango SM 2024 is an electric motorcycle that combines power, safety and versatility, making it an excellent option for urban riders looking for performance and style. With its innovative design and advanced technical features, this model promises to revolutionize the electric motorcycle market.

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