The Scrambler that Honda does not dare to produce

At the just-closed Third Nagoya Motorcycle Show, which took place in Japan from April 5 to 7, 2024, Dirt Freak surprised all those attending the event with the staging of its peculiar Scrambler version of one of the most popular Indian-made motorcycles in those parts, that is, the Honda CB350 RS. Machine that, by the way, in the country of katanas changes its reference.

It is well known by all that, the Honda CB350as part of the golden wing brand's line of classic-style single-cylinder motorcycles, has given rise to various variants in India such as the CB350 H'nessthe CB350 RS wave CB350 basic. Motorcycles that, in Japan, all change their reference when exported and are marketed as GB350, GB350 S and GB350C respectively.

Among these variants, the CB350 RS either GB350 S (in Japan) stands out for its Scrambler-style design. However, for Dirt Freakthe GB350 S The standard version did not meet the authenticity standards of this style, so they created their own version that is considerably more attractive than the model sold in Japanese dealers.

The modified version GB350 S of Dirt Freak It shows greater off-road capability on demanding terrain thanks to its tires with a more aggressive pattern. In addition, to provide greater protection in off-road terrain, a solid metal protection plate for the engine and a metal reinforcement for the exhaust pipe have been added.

Honda CB350 RS Dirt Freak 2024

On the other hand, to protect the pilot's hands, different variants of trinkets have been incorporated, such as the hand protector signed by Adventure Armor, Sonic Hand Guard either Zeta Racing. Additionally, to further improve its off-road capabilities, dirt freak has installed a Scrambler-style handlebar and aluminum footpegs. Zeta Racing.

In addition to improving its off-road capabilities, the motorcycle Dirt Freak has increased its tourism capabilities. A higher handlebar offers an ideal riding position for long trips, while the Explorer windshield Zeta Racingand its support, adds extra protection against the wind.

Honda CB350 RS Dirt Freak 2024

By the way, a robust smartphone holder from Zeta Racing, which can be used, for example, for navigation. Of course, there is no shortage of interesting soft suitcases to maximize their travel qualities.

Regarding the propulsion of the Slingno changes have been made to the 348 cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, which develops 21 hp of power and 29.4 Nm of maximum torque and is coupled to a 5-speed gearbox. The suspension, brakes and chassis components remain unchanged, maintaining the configuration identical to that of a GB350S serial sold in Japan.

Honda CB350 RS Dirt Freak 2024

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