The luggage solution for the maxitrail segment

GIVI has just unveiled its new side cases Outback EVO, intended to improve the load capacity of models with high exhausts, especially high-performance adventure mounts. To achieve this, it has worked in collaboration with its R&D department seeking to meet the needs of its users.

To new range Outback EVO, includes a new 33-liter capacity side case that, with its cut-out design, perfectly adapts to the silhouette of these frames without compromising storage space or stability. In addition, it can be complemented with a new 42-liter top case.

New GIVI Outback EVO range in detail

This cut-out side suitcase Outback EVO, with a 33-liter capacity, combines functionality, style and durability. Made with high quality materials and equipped with the fixing system Monokey Cam-Side, guarantees a secure hold even in the most demanding conditions. In addition, the Security Lock closure system provides additional protection of belongings.

The new one Outback Evo It retains all the technical characteristics of previous models, such as the lid rotation system (Detachable Lid System), reinforced in stainless steel, which makes it possible to stop the rotation of the lid at the desired point and remove it completely.

New GIVI Outback EVO side cases: The luggage solution for the maxitrail segment

Also the hook system (Hold it Active System), which allows the suitcase to be tilted without having to completely unhook it from the side support, making it easier to open the lid in the presence of a trunk.

On the other hand, we have the 42-liter Outback Evo top case, with the capacity to store a modular helmet, and which also has the same technical characteristics as the previous models, such as the Monokey fixing system. In addition, the lid has a friction rotation system (Adjustable Resistance Hinge System), which allows the closing speed to be adjusted according to the user's preferences.

New GIVI Outback EVO side cases: The luggage solution for the maxitrail segment

Likewise, the 33-liter side suitcase and the 42-liter top case follow the aesthetic line of the range, which stands out for the new corners that allow strap loops to be dispensed with and better ensure attachment to the tubular handles. Both are available in two color versions: black and aluminum.

All suitcases Outback EVO They are available with a wide range of optional accessories to meet the specific needs of each rider. From internal courtesy lights to waterproof internal bags, GIVI offers a variety of options to customize to individual preferences.

New GIVI Outback EVO side cases: The luggage solution for the maxitrail segment

These new family members Outback EVO can be purchased by:

  • 33-liter side suitcase in aluminum color: 431.99 euros
  • 33 liter side suitcase in black: 465 euros
  • 42 liter top case in black: 468 euros
  • 42 liter top case in aluminum color: 424 euros

For more information about these or other GIVI products you can visit the brand's official website or visit directly any of the authorized distributors with which it currently works in our country.

New GIVI Outback EVO side cases: The luggage solution for the maxitrail segment

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