The new premium full-face helmet from the British firm

After more than 15 years of experience, Ruroc begins a new technological stage within it with its innovative cEox sports disgust. With it, the British firm goes to the next level in terms of safety, performance, comfort and connectivity thanks to having ECE 22.06 and DOT certifications or the new casing Quad-Matrix Carbon Composite Made of T300 carbon fiber reinforced with Kevlar, nylon and fiberglass.

With it, it is possible to improve resistance, flexibility and general performance against impacts. The result is Ruroc's lightest and most robust carbon composite to date. In turn, Ruroc collaborates with Rheon, integrating reactive polymer technology on top of the eox to provide protection against impacts and rotational forces, along with a combined multi-density EPS and EPP impact liner for better energy absorption.

Ruroc Eox: Optimal comfort and performance

The new eox has been designed to specifically improve aerodynamic, thermal and acoustic performance. The shell features a new spoiler, seamless visor integration and fluid contours, offering better performance in terms of stability, noise reduction and thermal airflow compared to the Atlas 4.0 Carbon. .

For the development of the Eox, Ruroc measured the heads of hundreds of users and tested dozens of different padding designs, densities and liner materials to perfect the “right fit” formula. As a result, Eox is offered in three shell sizes that optimize fit, and an additional kit of thinner inner pads is included as standard for a custom fit.

Ruroc Eox 2024: The new premium full-face helmet from the British firm

Maintaining the same 215° peripheral field of view as the ATLAS 4.0, the Eox visor offers panoramic views along with a newly designed tool-free mechanism that allows for effortless visor changes on the fly. The visor has an anti-scratch coating on the outer surface and, on the inside, the visor has Pinlock compatible fixing anchors and a Pinlock 120XLT is included as standard.

The new Eox offers six optimized vents and a channeled EPS liner for adjustable airflow throughout the helmet. The vents offer high-intensity flow for total comfort, and both the chin vent and top vent can be easily operated even with gloves on.

Ruroc Eox 2024: The new premium full-face helmet from the British firm

Ruroc Eox: First-class connectivity

In an always-connected world, Ruroc offers even more options in its new Eox, with the optional addition of the brand's newly designed and optimized Shockwave system, as well as an all-new Shockwave Mesh system, developed in partnership with Cardo Systems and sound system work of Harman Kardon.

Teaming up with the communications experts at Cardo Systems has allowed Ruroc to incorporate Cardo's long-range Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) technology to integrate into the Shockwave platform, allowing up to 15 passengers to connect without relying on WIFI or mobile signal. .

Ruroc Eox 2024: The new premium full-face helmet from the British firm

Shockwave Mesh features a built-in removable battery, along with a spare battery included as standard, together offering over 12 hours of playback and talk time, as well as fast charging capabilities via USB-C in just 30 minutes .

Ruroc Eox: An aesthetic that will never go unnoticed

Ruroc is known for its iconic and bold designs and color combinations, the new Eox is no exception, launching in eight different designs, with two monochrome finishes: Core (matte black) and Ghost (glossy white), as well as two carbon finishes: Raw Carbon (matte black carbon fabric) and Liquid Carbon (glossy black carbon fabric), all of which are completed with a tonal Ruroc logo embossed on the chin of the helmet.

Ruroc Eox 2024: The new premium full-face helmet from the British firm

Eox is also launching four all-new helmet designs for 2024: Squadron, Mictlan, Buzzsaw and Ignis. David Thomasmarketing director at Ruroc, stated: “Eox is a completely new platform for us, bringing together everything we have developed over the last 15 years and bringing it together into a world-class platform.”

“High-end helmet that offers the latest in safety standards and technological improvements. Without losing our distinctive DNA at the heart of the Ruroc brand, Eox is the result of core developments in rider protection, aerodynamics, ventilation and comfort. “We have also partnered with Cardo Systems to further enhance our Shockwave communication offering with dynamic mesh technology.”

Ruroc Eox 2024: The new premium full-face helmet from the British firm

In addition, the brand announces the promotional event “New Dawn World Tour”, with which you will have the opportunity to meet the Ruroc team and hit the road for the complete riding experience with their new helmet. The Eox will be available exclusively on the brand's official website starting next April 24with a price that starts from 539 euros.

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