New generation electric BMWs will have Rimac batteries

Although many do not remember it, the origin of Rimac dates back to 2007, when a young Mate Rimac converted an old BMW 3 Series (E30) into electric with a very elaborate technology. Later he would found the company, in which after a few years the Volkswagen Group would begin to participate to the point of becoming Bugatti Rimac. However, the part of Rimac Technology that makes batteries and other systems for electric vehicles continues to have its independence. That makes it possible for us to see this striking collaboration.

Because it seems that the next New generation electric BMWs They will carry Rimac batteries, judging by an agreement that has just been signed. They say they seek to challenge Asian dominance in the field of high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles. The reality is that Rimac also wants to be a solvent producer of these elements and that its objective is to market 100,000 batteries per year between 2024 and 2026. Now it will walk hand in hand with BMW to achieve this and gain prominence among electric mobility, beyond supercars.

Although we illustrate the news with the recently presented BMW Vision Neue Klasse Therefore, It will be from 2025 when we start to see the fruits of the German-Croatian collaboration. Information will arrive later on the type of batteries that will be provided and in the cars that will be installed, but everything points to high performance models. We could expect very outstanding autonomies with this technology.

It helps a lot in BMW's strategy, since they intend that half of its global sales be electric vehicles by 2030. The road is long, since in 2023 they registered 15%, although collaboration with Rimac can accelerate the process. In this way, they don't worry about that part and let the batteries come from other specialists. We are talking about Rimac, but we have previously seen agreements with others such as CATL or EVE Energy. In short, the electric vehicle race is leaving with a multitude of agreements and striking alliances.

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