125 scooter that spends little for a biker who returns to two wheels

At the time, Susana used to travel on a Vespa, but a few years ago she put it aside. However, our friend sent us a query to MotoGuía because she is looking for a 125 scooter to go to work every day. She estimates that she will travel between one thing and another every day, about 50 or 60 kilometers, and she tries to keep consumption as low as possible.

He also tells us about a budget of 2,500 euros. That today for a 125 scooter limits us quite a bit. And although we have interesting options on the market that are even around 2,000 euros, these are air-cooled engines, which have less power, and in which consumption is not as tight as in other more technologically developed models.

125 and low consumption scooters: ideal for the city

MITT Urban 125

Even so, there are options that may be interesting, such as the MITT Urban 125, with a price below 2,000 euros right now. In this case it is a high-wheel scooter that we could include in the category of the Honda SH125, but literally for half the price. It is a light and practical scooter designed especially for the city, and with its 9 HP it can be just enough if we are going to circulate on ring roads or 90 roads.

KYMCO Agility City

Kymco Agility City

Another interesting option, although closer to the budget limit, would be the KYMCO Agility City. A scooter that is also light, practical for everyday use and that falls into the same category as the MITT Urban 125 as well as the other two options that we will see later. By sharing they even share features, also with 9 HP and as we said, the mechanics with that budget are not going to offer us the maximum legal power.

Peugeot Tweet 125

Peugeot Tweet 125

Also along the same lines is the Peugeot Tweet 125 in its most basic version, which remains just under the price limit at the moment. It is, like the rest of the options, a practical option that could meet expectations, although in this case it surprises us with a higher power, 11.5 HP, despite the fact that it continues to maintain air cooling like its rivals.

Honda Vision 110

Honda Vision 110

We have left the Honda Vision 110 for last for two reasons. One of them because it is a 110 and not strictly the 125 and second because right now it is slightly above 2,500 euros, 2,525 to be exact. The consumption declared by Honda, a data that we do not always see published, is only 1.9 liters per 100 kilometers. The downside is that it has the engine with less power, 8.7 HP.

In any case, all of these options can be more than interesting to get back on the bike and enjoy more time for yourself by avoiding traffic jams. Plus, in Susana's case she will be able to remember the old days, so it's all advantages.

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