The SHAD range of suitcases provides extra versatility to the fireproof BMW R 1300 GS

The new BMW R 1300 GS has a very special ally for any adventure: The wide SHAD suitcase range. The versatility of the German maxitrail, suitable for both travel lovers and the most adventurous motorcyclists, opens the door to the most diverse equipment, with different materials and capacity.

SHAD offers us a complete portfolio of products, with different options made up of top case, side cases and tank bags. All of them adapted to the needs of each user, when needed, providing versatility and load capacity in equal parts.

SHAD suitcase range: Expandable Family

Inside of SHAD suitcase range We find the Expandible family, focused on a type of demanding customer, who travels by motorcycle and looks for the extra capacity and comfort that expandability provides. Maximum versatility thanks to three possible volumes in the top case and two in each of the side cases.

The SH59X and SH58X expandable trunks offer a capacity of up to two helmets, while the innovative SH38X Expandable side suitcase It is distinguished by being the most compact side case on the market with capacity for a modular helmet.

The SHAD range of suitcases provides extra versatility to the fireproof BMW R 1300 GS

Although there are variants in the range of Click System tank bagsSHAD opts for 09CM. The exclusive double security system is available, which secures both the bag to the tank and access to its interior. But if this model has been chosen it is because it achieves the greatest aesthetic integration in the motorcycle, maintaining a large capacity of up to 8 liters.

SHAD suitcase range: Terra Family

Another option within this SHAD suitcase range It is the Terra family, intended for the traveling and adventurous user, and basically focused on off-roading in the case of bags. As a top case, SHAD proposes its two models with the highest capacity: the TR55 in aluminum (also available in black finish) and the TR50 textile. Both, with capacity for two helmets, are designed for long trips, off-road routes and adverse climates.

The SHAD range of suitcases provides extra versatility to the fireproof BMW R 1300 GS

Regarding side cases, SHAD offers the TR36 and TR47, the latter with the capacity of a helmet, and in an aluminum and black finish. As a highly resistant textile option, it proposes TR40, with greater versatility and lightness. These are the models designed to combine perfectly with the Terra top cases suggested for the R 1300 GS.

As an adventure tank bag, and maintaining the aforementioned virtues of the Click System, the TR15, with a capacity of 13 liters, is the one chosen. It has exterior pockets for greater capacity, and an expandable pocket for greater adaptation to the shape of the motorcycle tank.

The SHAD range of suitcases provides extra versatility to the fireproof BMW R 1300 GS

More information about the SHAD suitcase rangeor any of the equipment that the brand currently has, on the official website or at any of the authorized distributors that we can find in our country.

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