The final version of the SRK 900 arrives, the most powerful from QJMotor and ready to turn the naked segment upside down

The Beijing Motorcycle Show has served as a platform for local brands to present their latest innovations. The SRK 900 from QJMotor is one of them and, based on the images shown by the German media Motorrad Online, it is clear that the Chinese brand has it ready to immediately start production.

After approximately two years of development, the SRK 900 It is already a reality, becoming de facto the most powerful mount that QJMotor has marketed to date. Furthermore, its complete equipment and elements chosen to make it up give us an idea of ​​what we can expect from this personal naked motorcycle.

QJSRK 900 engine in detail

As we say, it was in EICMA 2022 when QJMotor He showed us for the first time the concept on which this final version would later be developed. Now we know that the SRK 900 is equipped with the current twin cylinder that some models of the brand carry in the 800 version, but with a final displacement of 904cc.

The final power and maximum torque figures declared by the Chinese firm are 105 HP and 90 Nm, with which it will be able to face the best in the segment. In addition, QJ has chosen to provide it with premium equipment both at the cycle level and in terms of comfort, ergonomics or dynamics.

Officially presented the final version of the SRK 900 by QJMotor

We talk about braking Brembo M4.32, Marzocchi suspensions fully adjustable, dual-channel ABS system or a steering damper. The tire equipment consists of a 120/70 ZR 17 at the front and 180/55 ZR 17 at the rear. The seat height is 810mmwhile the empty weight, according to Chinese approval documents, is estimated at 216 kilograms.

Other data to mention, according to these first images that we have, would be related to all those elements that make up the technological plan of the SRK 900. The small headlight stands out on the front, well embedded between the thick bars that make up the inverted fork.

Officially presented the final version of the SRK 900 by QJMotor

Above this, a large TFT screen as an instrument panel should have all those functions that are currently considered essential in a frame of this caliber. We are talking, of course, about Bluetooth connectivity and even the possibility of operating a front camera. Also a radar system, although the latter is not yet certain, at least for the models that arrive in Europe.

The silhouette of the new SRK 900 stands out for its rather voluminous rear, while on its side we find a well-integrated silencer in the mid-upper part. Again, returning to a front view, we can see how the indicators are integrated into the side panels that are anchored to the tank.

Officially presented the final version of the SRK 900 by QJMotor

It is not clear yet when QJMotor could begin marketing its new SRK 900 in European lands. Taking into account the price at which direct competition operates, the German media suggests that the Chinese brand will offer its new model for a price between 7,700 and 8,200 euros What do you think about it?

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