the aggressive and sporty scooter debuts in Asia before arriving in Europe

The new SYM DRGBTwith its sporty style and superbike fairing, was presented in Europe for the first time last year, at the EICMA 2023. Now, we have just learned that it has been officially launched in Taiwan and that its arrival is also expected to Europe for next year.

What is the SYM DRGBT like?

Mechanically, the SYM DRGBT It has a four-stroke, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine with 158 cc and four valves. It has a compression ratio of 12:1, which allows it to achieve a maximum power of 16 HP and 13-inch wheels.

Its fuel efficiency is remarkable, promising 43.8 km per liter, equivalent to 2.3 liters per 100 km. The automatic start-stop system contributes to this efficiency, turning off the engine at stops and restarting it when turning the accelerator. Currently only the 160 version is available, although it will not be difficult to introduce a 125 cc version. Little sister who we assume will arrive accompanying her at the European dealerships.

One of the most outstanding technical characteristics of the SYM DRGBT is the Hyper-SVIS system, a variable intake duct with a moving tube in the airbox. At low and medium speeds, this tube increases air flow, increasing engine torque by 6%. At high speeds, the tube retracts, allowing greater airflow and increasing maximum power by 10%.


The chassis of DRGBT It combines a sporty design with conventional elements, including a swingarm drive unit with continuously variable automatic transmission, a rear shock absorber and a telescopic front fork. The cast aluminum wheels have 120/70-13″ tires at the front and 130/70-13″ at the rear, with a wheelbase of 1,380 mm.

Each wheel features a disc brake and ABS, complemented by efficient TCS traction control. bosch. The total weight is 137 kg, although we do not know if it is dry or with liquids.


The seat of SYM DRGBT It has a height of 790 mm and the storage space under the seat is 22 liters, enough for a full-face helmet. The LED lights and color screen give it a modern and functional touch. In addition, it optionally includes a convenient contactless key system.

The price in Taiwan of SYM is approximately 3,400 euros with the keyless system, and 3,300 euros without it. This machine has won the prestigious price «Red Dot Design Award 2024» and, as we have told you, it is expected to arrive in Europe no later than 2025 in a 125 cc version.

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