The Spaniards break with what is established in electric motorcycles

As concerns about protecting our environment increase, the two-wheel industry faces unprecedented challenges to move towards greener and more ecological transportation. In fact, there is no other option.

In this context, Rieju has launched its new and attractive E-Tango 2024, a hybrid between a motorcycle and an electric bicycle that promises the best of both worlds without sacrificing anything. Good for those from Figueras.

The E-Tango of Rieju It combines the compact dimensions and agility of an e-bike, with the strength and performance of a traditional motorcycle. The result is an ideal mix for entertainment, emotionality and, above all, functionality on two wheels.

It is evident that we are faced with an elegant, revolutionary, captivating electric motorcycle specially designed for Off-Road fans. Land where you can fully demonstrate your skills without complexes.

Rieju E-Tango 2024

This is the Rieju E-Tango 2024

The E-Tango hides a powerful engine Brushless (brushless) PMSM 5kW ,and a torque of 305 Nm (L1E Version), with moped approval, energy regeneration capacity, a Lithium battery with cells LGremovable and interchangeable 43AH, with IP67 resistance certification, and three different driving modes that adapt to the tastes of each pilot:

  • Turtle Mode– Maximizes battery life by reducing speed and power.
  • Rabbit Mode: Ideal for Off-Road terrain, with a balance between battery life and performance.
  • Rocket Mode– Delivers maximum performance to overcome challenges on the road.

Rieju E-Tango 2024

Rocket mode is designed for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. With a maximum speed of 45 km/h in its approved version, the E-Tango It promises hours of fun thanks to its considerable autonomy and its fast charging option, which allows you to reach 100% battery in less than four hours. In addition, its removable 43 AH battery ensures efficiency beyond any doubt.

On the technical side, the E-Tango It has a high-strength steel perimeter chassis, fully adjustable inverted fork with 200 mm travel, adjustable mono-shock shock absorber, four-piston hydraulic brakes with 210 mm discs and 19-inch and 18-inch wheels. These features are especially notable in difficult terrain, making it easier to overcome obstacles quickly and without problems.

Rieju E-Tango 2024

The Rieju E-Tango marks a bold and different turn, with a design that does not go unnoticed and that appeals to those who seek to distinguish themselves and move sustainably.

The offer is expanded with a version “Not Approved”, perfect for exclusive use on closed circuits, providing a more intense experience with a motor that reaches up to 10.5KWunleashing all its potential for unlimited fun on the track.

By the way, there is also, for those looking for exceptional agility in corners both in the city and on the track, a Ssupermotard version.

Rieju E-Tango 2024

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