The Tesla Model 2 will be manufactured in Germany and the Semi could also come

Years have passed since we were promised a “cheap” Tesla, a model that would break the electric car market and definitively democratize technology. However, this model has been delayed and currently there are other firms that also project their electric models below 25,000 euros for the coming years. Now Elon Musk has spoken out and seems to make it clear that his future is about to fall Tesla Model 2 and that will also be manufactured in Germany for the European public.

It was a confirmation from the manager to the workers of the Berlin Gigafactory during a visit to its facilities. In it, he also stated the possibility of bringing the Tesla Semi to be able increase electric truck production, which we have not yet heard from in Europe. Although the name of the access model has not yet been confirmed, it will supposedly be Tesla Model 2. Musk confirmed a couple of months ago that its production would begin in the Texas factory in 2025, although it could take a little longer to make the jump to Germany.

That model is the brand’s response American to the specimens that are arriving from China to take over markets like ours. Price has always been one of the great barriers to the penetration of electric vehicles, but now it seems that lower costs are allowing rates to be reduced. The current ones have already been reducing their high prices and in the medium term there are some that have the objective of break the 25,000 euro barrier. An example would be the future model of Volkswagen and Renault.

Regarding the announcement of the Tesla Semi, It could also reach German facilities, even though it is currently produced in Nevada. It would be to distribute their production and increase it for the future, since they have high expectations for their electric truck. When this model was presented a few years ago, it promised more than 800 kilometers of autonomy and a lot of efficiency thanks to its futuristic and aerodynamic design. What stood out about him was reduced cost per usewhich could save companies a lot of money.

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