10 tips to be seen on a motorcycle

Being seen on a motorcycle is essential to keep safety levels high. For this reason, today we offer you, with the help of MOTO Club MAPFRE, up to 10 tips to be seen conveniently when we ride at the controls of our mount.

10 MAPFRE tips to be seen on a motorcycle: 10 essential safety tips

Wear bright or reflective colors

Opt for bright, reflective clothing. Choose a helmet and vest with reflective elements so you can be easily identified, especially in low light conditions. You should know that a black motorcycle will always be less visible than one in bright colors.

Green, red, white… Any motorcycle of those colors will be more visible than a completely black one. The same as with clothes. There are reflective stickers that are easy to apply and go unnoticed during the day, but when it gets dark and illuminated by the light of other vehicles, they are visible.

The lights always on

Make sure your motorcycle’s lights are on at all times, even during the day. By law, the motorcycle lights must always be on. Be careful not to ride with the front or rear lights out, your motorcycle’s lights should always be ready.

It is very easy to check it every morning before setting off, with the bike started while it warms up. Keep in mind that white lights coming from the front can blind you, especially in tunnels or when we come across a vehicle with high beams on.

We recommend that you look away and direct it to the white line on your right to stay within your lane until the danger passes. Likewise, the red lights of the vehicles in front of you will indicate which direction the road is taking, warning you of upcoming curves.

Install additional lighting

Consider adding additional lights, such as daytime running lights or fog lights. These lights not only improve your visibility, but also increase the perception of other drivers. If the manufacturer of your motorcycle offers them as an option, it will be easier and you will avoid giving explanations at the MOT later.

Always wear eye-catching equipment

Bright, bright colors are easier to see, like mandatory reflective vests on cars. Some brands design their products with high-visibility colors, such as yellow or orange. In addition, there are garments equipped with reflective inserts to make you more visible.

It is essential to see as well as possible, that is why it is important to have the helmet screen in perfect condition: clean and without scratches so that the lights are not distorted and reduce your vision. Obviously, at night, dark screens are prohibited.

10 MAPFRE tips to be seen on a motorcycle

The importance of being well positioned on the motorcycle

When riding a motorcycle, it is essential to maintain a good position with respect to the traffic around us. On many occasions it makes the difference between being seen or not. You have to be especially careful with the motorcycle in the city and on bus lanes: the rear “three-quarters” are the most obvious blind spot (and your least safe position) compared to a car.

We recommend leaving free space around you, with a wide margin of safety, so you will have a good distance for your own reactions. Indicate your intentions clearly using your turn signals. This helps other drivers anticipate your movements and reduces the risk of collisions.

Keep your motorcycle in good condition

Make sure your motorcycle’s lights, turn signals, and other safety features are in good working order. Proper maintenance ensures that all safety features are operational.

Be careful with other users’ blind spots

Be aware of the blind spots of vehicles around you. If you can see the driver through the rearview mirrors, they are more likely to see you. Avoid staying in areas where you cannot be easily observed.

Safety distance is essential

Make sure you maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. This not only gives you more time to react, but also allows other drivers to see you clearly.

At night, the road itself has traps such as oil or diesel stains, puddles of water, sewers, manhole covers or potholes that can appear and when there is a lack of light, they are always more difficult to see.

10 MAPFRE tips to be seen on a motorcycle

Always pay close attention to weather conditions

Adapt your visibility to weather conditions. On rainy or foggy days, for example, increase the distance between you and other vehicles and wear reflective clothing and accessories.

Always stay alert and anticipate any unforeseen event

Maintain an alert attitude to be able to anticipate and react to possible dangerous situations. Anticipation and constant attention are key to motorcycle safety.

By following these tips, you can significantly increase your visibility on the road and contribute to the safety of yourself and other road users. Remember that being a member of the MOTORCYCLE Club MAPFRE You have the video course service, where you can learn new concepts in an entertaining way and consolidate knowledge of the world of two wheels.

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