The TRK 552 and TRK 552 X arrive. Benelli renews its best-selling trail for the A2

At the end of last February, the first images of the new generation of TRK 552 were leaked, and international media reported that the first units had begun to arrive at the brand's official dealerships in China. A general improvement in general terms, along with the increase in displacement and power, become its calling cards.

Now, after the celebration of Beijing Motorcycle Show 2024are back in the news, since marketing of the model has officially started in its two variants: TRK 552 and TRK 552. Furthermore, we already know all the important aspects that will involve the medium-displacement TRK family.

Benelli TRK 552: What we can expect

The new TRK 552 and TRK 552 Although the brand has not yet made all the technical details official, we can anticipate that it will have 549ccthe same ones available in the rest of Qianjiang models that use this mechanics.

The local version will have a maximum power of 61 HP at 8,500 rpm and 55 Nm of maximum torque at 6,000 rpm. The maximum declared speed is 172 km/h. It is also evident that when marketing begins in Europe, these figures will vary significantly in order to adapt to the current regulations of the current A2 license. This translates into a maximum power of 48 HP, although it is likely that the torque figure will remain at values ​​similar to those described.

In terms of the chassis part, no significant changes are observed with respect to the TRK 502. The specific tire equipment for each version is maintained: 17” in the standard variant and radial type measuring 19” at the front on the TRK 552. Of course, a new aluminum swingarm replaces the previous tubular type made of steel.

On the other hand, the suspension is signed by Marzocchi, with adjustable shock absorber and inverted fork. The Benelli logos disappear from the brake calipers and are now labeled by the Benelli subsidiary. Brembo, J. Juan. Overall, the new TRK 552 They manage to reduce the final weight by 9 kilos with respect to the previous version, now remaining in 226 kilos, including the 20 liters of fuel that its tank can hold. Likewise, the seat height is increased to 825mm.

The Benelli news does not stop The new TRK 552 and TRK 552 X are on the way

If we talk about equipment, the new TRK 552 They are modernized with current trends. Full-LED lighting, new 5” TFT screen with connectivity and various information, USB port and heated seat and grips are standard equipment. In short, a step forward in global terms with the aim of continuing to maintain the public's sympathy as its predecessor has done so far.

Benelli TRK 552 in Europe: by 2025?

From Motorrad Online they point out that the new TRK 552 will make an appearance on our continent next season. They also offer us information on the starting price of both models in China: While the TRK 552 costs 32,680 yuan, about 4,200 euros In exchange, for the 552

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