The United States, the country where you can make something crazy like this road legal

If you have ever tried to legalize a conversion in Spain, you will see how complicated it is. We also saw the ordeal experienced by Marco Lombardo some time ago when he tried to register a Vespa that had no papers, despite it being a completely legal motorcycle. But in the United States the rules are very different, and that leaves us with some surprising situations, to say the least.

These regulations, let’s say, are a minimum agreement that must be met so that vehicles can circulate legally, and they give rise to bizarre preparations, impossible designs and, also, to small manufacturers being able to get ahead.

But in this case, it is the one we once called the “monster bike” that will be able to circulate freely. So these regulations have this time favoured bizarre preparations.

What does a motorcycle need to be legal in the United States?

You may be wondering what the minimum requirements are that US legislation requires for a vehicle to be legal. The truth is that it is so, but so little, that it scares Europeans. Without summarizing in the least, the requirements that legalize the motorcycle are: headlights and position lights, turn signals and license plate holder. From there you can legalize any gadget that comes to mind.

And that is exactly what the team at Grind Hard Plumbing CO has done to practically complete one of the most striking and unconventional preparations we have seen in a long time. Of course, they are still working on meeting all the requirements because there are parts that they do not yet have.

So we still need to know the exact moment when this bike, which must be extremely complicated to ride and with which you must forget about making short turns, becomes legal.

We’d be surprised if he managed to get it right on the first try with the headlight directly obscured by that giant wheel, but America is the land of opportunity. Or so they say, right?

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