The event that takes place every July in some spectacular place in nature

One more year everything is ready to celebrate the Motorbeach Festival 2024An event that offers us the opportunity to experience a closer and more respectful connection with everything around us, being an active part of the environment, just a few kilometres from the town of Vinuesa, surrounded by the largest pine forest in Europe.

From July 11 to 14 in Vinuesa, Soria, in the Pinares regionthe experience and feeling of the festival in the heart of nature will be a reality. Camping in paradise is possible, waking up for four days at the foot of Pico Urbión.

Motorbeach Festival 2024 in detail

The Motorbeach Festival is an event for enthusiasts of motorbikes, caravans, motorhomes, vans, recreational vehicles, tents and all kinds of inventions to spend a few days in nature. The festival hosts a combination of culture, freedom, madness, rock and roll and adrenaline in the same place, separated by hundreds of meters, for the comfort of all those present.

In an open environment, surrounded by leafy trees, abundant shade and large doses of sun, we conceived a space for meeting with laughter and good vibes. With more than 2 million hectares at our disposal and 1 million cubic meters of water waiting for the enjoyment of the Motorbeachers.

Because the beach is part of the essence of Motorbeach, and everything revolves around it. From the Beach Race, the race along the beach at sunset, or the Mud Race, the mud race on motorcycles in homage to the mud edition in Asturias. And as a novelty, the Bang Bang Bike, a set of various crazy events that range from paintball battles on motorcycles, slow races, jousting fights and a long etc… Not to mention the traditional Flat Track Donut, or MotoBall, football on motorcycles.

And to liven up the atmosphere, concerts by the Americans Nashville Pussy, the Swedish band The Nomands, the Japanese The Neatbeats, the national Las Furias, Los Deltonos or Mad Sim as well as Dr. Feelgood or King Salami & The Cumberland 3.

Motorbeach Festival 2024: The event that takes place every July in some spectacular place in nature

One of the most important advantages of travelling in a van is that you are always connected to nature, with little luggage and a lot to discover. At Motorbeach Festival, attendees will be able to freely ride their motorcycles through the more than 500,000 m² which occupies this incomparable location, overlooking the Lake.

Advance tickets now on sale

If you are determined to attend this new edition of the Motorbeach Festival, tickets are now on sale. These include and are mandatory:

Motorbeach Festival 2024: The event that takes place every July in some spectacular place in nature

  • Access to the concert area every day.
  • Permission to stay overnight for 3 nights from Thursday to Sunday in the Festival camping area. (Thursday-only or Friday-only tickets require a €50 deposit, which will be returned upon leaving the site).
  • Registration for all Motorbeach activities, after registering on the website: El Donut – Flat Track, Bike Shows, Beach Race, MotoBall, Prize draw.
  • Use of bathrooms during all days of the festival.
  • Use of showers during all days of the festival.
  • Enjoy all the facilities and natural park provided to Motorbeach Festival from Thursday to Sunday.
  • Right to move freely around the more than 2 million metres of the Motorbeach Festival site.
  • Obligation to keep the area clean as you found it.
  • Obligation to show respect and education to all flora and fauna in the area.

Motorbeach Festival 2024: The event that takes place every July in some spectacular place in nature

Single tickets for Thursday and Friday must leave a €50 deposit which will be returned upon leaving the venue before 12:00 at the main entrance ticket office. More information and details about the Motorbeach Festival 2024 can be found on the event’s official website.

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