What they are for and when to change them

The car filters They are vital elements, one of the main keys to maintaining the good condition of a vehicle. They must be changed under a series of patterns and periodicity that ensure their basic operation and continue to perform their function as they should. Because they are responsible for prevent all types of impurities from reaching than the engine. In addition, their price is relatively low and the consequences of not changing them can be significant.

Air filter

We already talked about the importance of changing the air filter, especially during seasonal changes. It is an important part of the engine, since it is at stake if the dirt gets inside or not. There is one fact that is crucial. We must take into account the environment in which we move with the car, that is, Driving in the city is not the same as driving in the countrysideso air pollution or dust from the ground are factors that directly influence the useful life of the filter.

It is capable of channeling up to 540,000 liters of air per hour, so its maintenance must be exemplary. Generally, it is recommended to change it every two revisionsbut we must take these aspects into account if we want it to work correctly. It is advisable to check the status of the filter every time a review is done and see that all the fibers are in perfect conditionand they are not covered by any type of dirt that leaves them feeling like sandpaper.

Oil filter

The oil filter is what collects the impurities circulating through the bowels of the engine. It is responsible for keeping it clean, as well as preventing any metal shavings that could damage the internal materials of the engine. If said filter it’s in bad conditionthese elements are circulating through the engine, the mechanics will reduce their performance and may suffer other symptoms such as increased fuel consumption or a reduction in their useful life.

Usually, there are many owners who decide to extend the oil change, waiting a couple of thousand more kilometers. We already know that readers of the news portal coches.com They don’t make those kinds of mistakes.even so, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of changing the oil filter at the appropriate time. The best thing is Change it every time the engine oil is replaced.since it is a very cheap component and can save us more than one disappointment.

Fuel filter

He fuel filter It is the one that is placed between the fuel tank and the injection ramps housed in the engine. Its job is to retain the impurities derived from fuelsso that they do not interfere with the flow of fuel.

In many cases, the vehicle may malfunction due to the influences of a bad filter condition. It may cause gasoline losses, as well as increased fuel consumption. However, in the case of diesel vehicles, the filter is more important, since it contains the moisture generated by this type of fuel, so its useful life is shorter.

It is usually recommended to change the fuel filter every 60,000 kilometers, although we recommend doing it earlier, about 40,000 kilometers. On the contrary, in the case of diesel, it would be advisable to replace it every 30,000 kilometers due to the premature damage that humidity can cause.

Cabin filter

He cabin filter It is responsible for not only preventing dirt from entering the interior, but also safeguarding the health of occupants with the retention of any contaminating matter, such as particles emitted by diesel.

We already mentioned that the best time to change it is in Spring season to remove any traces of dirt and mold that has accumulated in autumn and winter. The best option is to use a filter that is made of active carbonas these retain more dirt and last longer.

Our recommendation is to change it. once a year, or at least every 10,000 kmespecially if the regular passengers are children or the elderly.

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