The Voge Bobber CU 525 will arrive in Europe. A beautiful custom for the A2 inspired by King Kong

It is very likely that the third variant of the Vogue CU 525 China arrives in Europe. Yes, as you read it. The mid-range cruiser, which is delighting lovers of this Asian style, will arrive on the old continent oriented, due to its 48 HP, towards the intrepid pilots holding the A2 license. Of course, he will face rivals in the dealerships.

It's normal, mid-range cruisers are very successful. It is well known by everyone, the benefits of models like the Honda CMX 500 Rebel wave Kawasaki Eliminator 500. Now, as we are telling you, a prominent rival has emerged in China. The manufacturer associated with bmw has presented its own concept, the Vogue CU 525our protagonist.

This is the Vogue CU 525 024

This same month the third variant of the Voge. And it comes with a more classic design that contrasts with the previous version, with a more modern style. Now, the new model features significant differences, such as a conventional round headlight with a small dome, wider footrests, wider seats, a larger rear rubber and a series of adjustments to the fairing and engine covers.

The mechanical heart of Vogue CU 525 It is the inline twin cylinder engine. Loncin evolved from the propellant CB500 of Sling. Of course, it has technical features such as liquid cooling, fuel injection, double overhead camshaft (DOHC), and a 6-speed transmission. As we see, it meets international standards.

Voge Bobber CU 525 2024

This bobber, which weighs approximately 178 kg, stands out for its ergonomic design with a seat height of just 710 mm, making it easily accessible to a wide range of riders, regardless of size.

Equipped with features such as ABS, traction control (TCS) and a color digital display, this model offers a modern and safe driving experience. Its distinctive design, inspired by the imposing look of king kongmakes it unique and has gained significantly compared to its predecessor in Chinese dealerships.

Voge Bobber CU 525 2024

Regarding the RRP, it is expected to be very competitive in the European market, with an initial price below 7,000 eurosand possibly even close to the 6,000 euros. This price, along with its impressive feature set and design, makes it an attractive option for those looking for a mid-size cruiser with a touch of style and performance.

With its expected arrival in Europe in 2024, the Vogue CU 525 could very well challenge the reign of the Honda CMX 500 Rebel and establish itself as a very popular option in this disputed segment.

Voge Bobber CU 525 2024

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