IRM Moto launches some footpegs to put on the cylinder heads of the BMW Boxer. And they don't seem comfortable.

Motorcycle MRI is a company specialized in the development and manufacture of ergonomic footrests for different BMW models. The idea is to be able to offer the user the possibility of varying their position on the motorcycle. To do this, they have devised a design that combines simplicity and efficiency, thanks to simple installation and use.

The model that we show you in these lines is designed to be attached to the sides of the cylinder heads of the boxer engines that equip the R1200 models manufactured between 2005 and 2009. However, the brand has an extensive catalog with up to 5 different references, fully compatible with other frames from the German firm.

IRM Moto Sahara Pegs in Detail

The footrests, commercially called Sahara, are made of aeronautical aluminum and as we can see, they are integrated by a simple mechanism into the slot through which the spark plug wire passes and the hole itself where it is embedded.

A U-shaped piece surrounds the cable and is then adjusted using two screws to the other part of the kit. It is the shapes of both elements and the force exerted by the screws that keep the kit in place.

By tightening we adjust the main element against the sides of the hole reserved for the spark plug. Once adjusted we can deploy the footrests which, if retracted, are completely adapted to the shapes of the back of the cylinder.

It must be added, looking at the photos, that it does not seem like the most ergonomic solution. The knees are separated from the tank, and it seems to force the position on the motorcycle excessively. Maybe in other more touristy boxer frames, the solution is correct. But on the naked it doesn't seem so much.

The kit IRM Moto Sahara Pegs costs 237.95 euros plus shipping costs and comes with an instruction manual for assembly. The brand also has other models:

  • Gemini 1250
  • Gemini 1250 GSA
  • J Pegs
  • Sparky Pegs

IRM Moto and its "highway pegs" They offer us new ergonomic possibilities in our BMW Boxer

For more information and details on the operation of these ergonomic footrests from Motorcycle MRI or learn about other products sold by the brand, all of them for BMW frames, you can directly access its official website.

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