What is “icing” in cars and why does it carry a fine?

We are in a moment where combustion and electric vehicles They are condemned to share the world. The first correspond to tradition, while the second are those designated to star in tomorrow. However, this coexistence is not always as pleasant as it should be. There is a practice known as “icing” which has spread in recent times. We are going to explain what it consists of, the cars that would be doing it and why it can lead to a fine if it is reported.

This action was discovered for the first time in the United States and from there its Anglo-Saxon name. It refers to ICE vehicles, which are those with internal combustion (internal combustion engine) and also those who carry out bad practice. Icing is when owners of conventional combustion cars They park in spaces reserved for electric vehicles preventing its recharge. Whether due to inattention or malice, it is something that is considered a serious infraction and is punishable by a fine.

Normally these parking spaces that have a charging point available are marked by the signal S17, which is represented by a vehicle with a cable and a plug. It can also be completed with more information such as a maximum time if any. According to Royal Decree 6/2015, of October 30, in spaces dedicated exclusively to a specific vehicle others cannot park. This is equally applicable for a blue space reserved for people with reduced mobility as for a green one for electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids.

Therefore, parking a conventional combustion vehicle, such as the gasoline or diesel vehicles that continue to populate our roads in an electric parking space, is a serious infraction. That translates into a fine of 200 euros, which would remain at 100 euros with a reduction for prompt payment. It does not entail loss of points on the license and it is not a very widespread practice in Spain, at the moment.

“Icing” was popular in 2018 in the United States as a complaint against what they considered the electric car trend. In our country it is more for the convenience of some drivers in finding a parking space, linked to the lack of solidarityespecially in shopping centers, restaurants and other public places.

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