The WMC250EV, known as the “hole motorcycle” presents its patents. Will it reach the street?

It has been approximately three years since we first heard of the WMC250EV concept from White Motorcycles Concepts, a brand founded in Northamptonshire by Rob Whiteengineer with more than 20 years of experience in companies dedicated to the motor.

Subsequently, we saw how they completed the first tests at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in the United Kingdom, with the aim of continuing to structurally and dynamically improve this WMC250EV. Finally, the brand applied the same technology to a three-wheeled scooter using the basis of the Yamaha Tricity 300, which would end up becoming the WMC300AE hybrid scooter.

New patent registration on the concepts WMC250EV

Now, in May 2024, White Motorcycles Concepts has just registered new design patents in relation to the concept WMC250EV. Ride Apart has echoed the news, putting special emphasis on its marked aero image, which, on the other hand, gives it incredible performance.

In the description itself, White Motorcycles Concepts explain what: “According to a first aspect of the present invention, there is provided a motorcycle comprising at least one front wheel, at least one rear wheel and a vehicle body, the vehicle body comprising a substantially open elongated duct extending longitudinally through a central portion of the vehicle.”

White Motorcycles registers new patents on its WMC250EV concept

And continues: “An open inlet opening arranged in a front part of the vehicle body and an open outlet opening arranged in a rear part of the vehicle body. The open inlet opening is located next to the front wheel and/or the open outlet opening is located next to the rear wheel. In one embodiment, the longitudinal central plane extends through at least a portion of the elongated conduit.”

As we can see, the philosophy of the project continues to remain unchanged, maintaining as the main element the central tunnel that runs along the length of the motorcycle, like a venturi. He Will go, It is capable of reducing resistance compared to a normal motorcycle by 70% and until now the company declared a Cx of only 0.118.

White Motorcycles registers new patents on its WMC250EV concept

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