The new CFMoto 500SR VOOM is here, a neo-retro sports car that enters the eyes and reaches the heart

We recently told you for the first time about the new CFMoto 500SR VOOM, «a neo retro with 4 cylinders and 80 HP that will surely break necks wherever it goes». Now, just a couple of weeks later, the brand has made the model official and it is expected to be offered very soon in the local dealerships of the Asian firm.

Without a doubt, the 500SR VOOM will have captivated more than one since the first images of the model were shown. If we also add the fact that it is not just a facade that this mid-displacement sports car possesses, it is evident that it has everything in its favor to become a sales success.

CFMoto 500SR VOOM in detail

Essentially, and what is most striking about the set, is a nineties-style image that combines perfectly with the latest technical advances in the category. With a design clearly inspired by the sports frames of past decades, clear café racer reminiscences are interspersed.

But without a doubt the icing on the cake is inside. Specifically in the mechanical section, where a propellant 500 cc tetracylindrical is capable of generating maximum power around the 80 HP at 12,000 rpm, and a maximum torque of 45 Nm at 10,000 revolutions. This translates into a maximum speed of 230km/hputting it at the level, performance-wise, of the most advanced in the segment, such as the Kawasaki ZX-4R.

The new CFMoto 500SR VOOM ready to conquer lovers of neo-retro style sports shoes

In order to make the most of this level of performance, CFMoto puts the rest into the cycle part of this 500SR VOOM. And we are not wrong in our musings when we visually review those elements that make it up. From an elaborate tubular chassis, to a first-class suspension system or a braking system with radial anchor calipers.

But there is even more, since CFMoto Nor has it left to chance all those details that are responsible for shaping the personality of the whole, as well as a level of equipment and finishes that lives up to expectations. To highlight the double upper outlet of its exhaust system, aluminum swingarm, Full-LED lighting or a complete instrument panel in the form of a full-color TFT screen.

The new CFMoto 500SR VOOM ready to conquer lovers of neo-retro style sports shoes

To finish the job, the 500SR VOOM It shows us its very personal style based on striking side air intakes, aerodynamic spoilers on its front or a modeled two-level seat presided over by a rear light with a design in the purest style of the 90s Old School.

We can only wait for CFMoto to decide to market its new frame in Europe, something that will probably happen sooner rather than later and certainly at a really competitive price, as is usually the case in the models currently offered by the Chinese brand in our country.

The new CFMoto 500SR VOOM ready to conquer lovers of neo-retro style sports shoes

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