If the Italjet Dragster is already cool, the Gresini Racing edition is so brutal that it even comes with spoilers

A few weeks ago the collaboration that would take place between Italjet and the Gresini Racing of MotoGP, to give life to the special edition “Italjet Dragster Gresini Racing Edition” of the iconic Italian scooter. Massimo Tartarinipresident and CEO of the Italian firm, commented then:

“It is a great honor for us to be able to boast the qualification of Technical Sponsor of Team Gresini, a team that has already firmly established itself among the Top of MotoGP and with increasingly ambitious perspectives. The Gresini team is united by a solid collaborative relationship, in addition to sharing the same strong sense of belonging to the territory, the Italian Motor Valley.”

He concluded: “This collaboration will also lead to the development of a Dragster replica in the Gresini team colors. Dragster, which we define as Urban Superbike, is a hymn to sportsmanship and its values. The same ones that can be felt naturally in Team Gresini.”

The Italjet Dragster Gresini Racing Edition is now a reality

Now, thanks to the colleagues at Ride Apart, who have echoed several Italjet publications on their social networks, we already know what the final version of this special edition on the iconic Dragster is like. In addition, we already know that it will be offered in at least two different engine variants: 125 and 200 cc.

It is not the first time that the transalpine brand is a sponsor of a team within the different motor competitions. As they themselves explain in one of these online publications: “Italjet has a history of sponsoring top-tier racing teams in various motorsport disciplines, from Motocross to Formula 1. Notably, we sponsored the iconic pink McLaren F1 in the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race.”

That is why this Italjet Dragster Gresini Racing Edition It perfectly represents that competitive genetics that the brand's products always possess. Thanks, among other things, to the beautiful livery inspired by the one worn by the Márquez brothers' motorcycles this season in the Motorcycle World Championship.

Taljet and Gresini Racing join forces to give life to a special edition of the iconic Dragster

Although the exact launch time is not yet known, nor the final price that will have to be paid for one of these Dragster Gresini Racing Editionwe already warned you that they will not be cheap.

Taking into account that currently the Dragster range starts from the 5,589 eurosin its 125 cc version, it is very likely that this price will exceed 6,000 euros in this special edition.

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