These tree-inspired electric car chargers could be next

We are at a time when electrical sales They seem to have come to a standstill in many markets. In our country, in fact, there has been a small decrease in demand for this technology, when it was supposed to be the paradigm. The biggest barriers that users have to overcome to reach it are the price and the charging infrastructure. In Spain the offer of public recharge It is still quite limited and that is why we are surprised to see solutions like the one proposed by the company Gravity.

It is an American start-up that has designed some tree inspired chargers that could better adapt to the streets of the future. They have been named as DEAP Trees, the first word meaning “Distributed Energy Access Points” in relation to its objective. What they want is to offer universal charging points for any type of electric car at very high speeds. They are offered charging powers of 200 and 500 kWbeing a network much superior to others such as Tesla Supercharger.

However, the main advantage of these Gravity tree loaders is their shape. These are a type of streetlights, posts located on the edges of the street that have a hinged swing arm. There goes the charging cable that hangs from the top to reach the electric vehicle parked on the side of the street. By having that position you reach the loading port regardless of where it is placed in the car and with minimal effort. There will be no need to think about what position to park with this system.

When charging is finished, the cable is collected at the top of the post and does not disturb the passage of people walking on the sidewalk. There are still not many cars that can recharge at those speeds, but with 200 kW you could achieve more than 300 kilometers of autonomy in 13 minutes and then with the 500 kW you would achieve in just 5 minutes. The Gravity system is also prepared to be bidirectional and be able to send load back to the electrical grid.

It is still in the project phase, but it could be interesting for its integration into residential areas. also can coexist with other solutions and can share space with security cameras, street lighting, Wi-Fi repeaters, and even air quality sensors.

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