The world upside down? Aston Martin delays its electrification and opts for combustion

Aston Martin It has been one of the brands that has experienced the most ups and downs in recent years. The changes in its direction and strategy have been notable, since it has gone from a total commitment to electrification through Lagonda, to directly killing that project and focusing on the present. In fact, they are one of the few that confirm a decision that makes us seem like we are in the world upside down. ¿Delay electrification and opt for combustion? In the middle of 2024? That's how it is…

In the latest statements of its executive president, Lawrence Stroll, it was clear that they would have gasoline copies until they were legally allowed to do so. The manager believes that “there will always be demand” in this sector and has already delayed the arrival of his first electric from 2025 to 2027. Meanwhile, the movement has been to increase plug-in hybrid technology, which will be present in the range imminently. They believe it will be more than just a “bridge technology” and that they will be able to use it at least until the middle of the next decade.

It is true that Aston Martin is not abandoning electrification, as it already has one planned family made up of four (a medium crossover, a large SUV, a GT and a mid-engine supercar), all sitting on the same electric-specific platform. However, the first model will be presented in 2026 and its marketing will not begin until 2027. They delay it knowing that progress is slower in these segments and that technology plug-in hybrid with V8 engines from Mercedes-AMG is more than assured. They don't even rule out keeping its spectacular V12.

The Aston Martin DBX may be the brand's first plug-in hybrid, but many fans will be more interested in it than the mid-engine Valhalla project the wind is going smoothly and its deliveries to the 999 lucky ones who were able to get it will begin at the end of this year. Updating the rest The range is going at a very good pace and we have seen in a few months how the Aston Martin DB12 and also the Vantage update arrived. Next up will be the DBX facelift and a replacement for the Aston Martin DBS.

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