What to do if an earthquake affects you while riding a motorcycle?

A few days ago, an earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter seismological scale shook Taiwan hard. Unfortunately, 12 people died, ten are still missing and more than 1,100 were injured. The images of those moments, which took place at 07:58 in the morning with many people moving, showed many motorcycle users suffering from the earthquake.

That leads to the next question: In the unlikely event that a large earthquake catches you riding a motorcycle, what should you do? What we have seen in the images, and what you can also see in the video, is that depending on where the motorcycle users were, the options were very limited and the ground became very unstable.

7.2 earthquake in Taiwan….
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Who acted correctly during the earthquake?

Looking at the images of the bridge we see that there are those who choose to stop and those, despite the difficulties, prefer to continue forward to try to get off the bridge. Who is doing the right thing?

Well, according to Dr. Ray Osch of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, we have to keep going until we find a place where nothing can fall on us. Then, upon reaching an area that we consider safe in that sense, we must stop the motorcycle safely, both in terms of braking and the area where we are going to remain stopped, so as not to cause an accident or be run over by another vehicle.

Last but not least, Dr. Osch recommends that you get off the motorcycle as soon as possible, emphasizing once again doing it in the safest way possible, and separating yourself from the motorcycle so that it cannot fall on us.

Although, fortunately, in Spain earthquakes do not usually have these magnitudes, we must not forget that we are a country prone to seismic movements, with around 6,000 recorded each year, concentrated mainly in the southern area and the Pyrenees. So although they are scarce, the possibilities exist.

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