The world's first motorcycle powered by CNG will arrive next June

The first motorcycle in the world powered by CNG It is, as they say, just around the corner. This is at least what we deduce after the latest statements of Rajiv Bajajthe highest authority within the Indian business network that has been working, for months, on the development of new models driven by this type of technology.

Everything points to next June as the ideal time for Bajaj to launch the first motorcycle in the world powered by CNG. But this will only be the beginning of a new era within the company, as it plans to expand this range of vehicles with at least 5 or 6 more models.

After the recent official presentation of the new Pulsar NS400Z, the brand is now trying to focus on developing new innovations within the two-wheeled sector. One of them is precisely this first motorcycle in the world powered by CNGas Bajaj himself pointed out in the interview conducted by the local TV channel CNBC TV18.

As Rush Lane's colleagues explain, Rajiv Bajaj argues that sales of CNG-powered cars, within the company itself, already represent 27% of total sales. This, extrapolated to the motorcycle sector, estimates that it could become the marketing of some 20,000 units monthly of models that use this technology.

Bajaj will launch the world's first CNG-powered motorcycle next June

The world's first motorcycle powered by CNG: All the details

Bajaj is already in full development of a range of 5 or 6 models powered by CNG. The world's first CNG-powered motorcycle will be officially launched next June 18 and subsequently new variants will be announced, until this initial objective is completed by 2025.

In fact, the brand is already testing some of its models among Indian traffic, as we have shown you previously, which gives us an idea of ​​how advanced the project is. Its mechanics will be between 110 cc and 125 cc with approved consumption of about 90 km/kg, even achieving up to 100 km/kg. Bajaj will launch the world's first CNG-powered motorcycle next June

Technically, Bajaj recently gave us some clues with various images from the patent registry. In them we knew various details about the location of the CNG tank, the positioning of the mechanics or different aspects of its cycle part. In any case you can get more information about it here.

In addition, it is already known how much the access models of this new range powered by CNG will cost. Obviously, we are talking about rates in the Indian market that will start at approximately 70,000 rupees, about 780 euros.

Bajaj will launch the world's first CNG-powered motorcycle next June

We still do not know what the commercial name that the company will use will be. first motorcycle in the world powered by CNGalthough previously information has been leaked in which names such as those of Trekker, Glider or Marathonwhich were registered by the brand itself in the patent office

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