This French engineer has created an electric motorcycle in his garage. The J2R Dynamics Smol surprises and for the better

With the aim of completely transforming French electric micromobility, a young company specialized in light mobility and founded by Jean Madaule in 2022, J2R Dynamicshas just presented to society its particular and interesting vision of the future: the Smol.

As we are telling you, Jean He had the idea of ​​creating his own brand to give birth to an electric motorcycle that could meet his expectations. Starting in his garage, this intrepid Gaul quickly surrounded himself with several partners to allow this artisanal design to advance towards industrialization. good for the lord Madaule.

All the secrets of the J2R Dynamics Smol

And that's how the motorcycle was born Smolthe innovative and minimalist creation of J2R Dynamics. Machine conceived with the vision and objective of offering an effective and efficient solution for urban and peri-urban trips. In fact, this electric motorcycle is not content to limit itself to a restricted area.

For its staging, the French engineers decided to integrate two 4 kWh batteries to ensure a range of up to 150 km, ensuring that they were easily removable and rechargeable for greater convenience. An essential maxim in two-wheeled EV vehicles today.

J2R Dynamics Smol

The heart of this machine, obviously, lies in its electric motor, cleverly integrated into the rear wheel. It delivers a power of 8 kW and also promises a maximum speed of 110 km/h. Despite its compact size and small wheels, the Smol It doesn't skimp on equipment, with features such as disc brakes, an effective inverted fork, a central shock absorber and a wide, comfortable, flat seat.

The minimalist aesthetic of this motorcycle not only gives it a unique style, but also reflects one of the fundamental principles of J2R Dynamics. That is, the search for European suppliers, challenging the dominant trend that favors Asia in all aspects.

J2R Dynamics Smol

Although the Smol not available yet, J2R Dynamics is already preparing a crowdfunding campaign to support the project and allow its future clients to reserve one of the first 50 Smol which will also be offered as a first numbered edition.

The brand aims to put the motorcycle on the market at a maximum price of 9,450 euros.

J2R Dynamics Smol

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