Are you also still obsessed with Ayrton Senna's Honda NSX? It is on sale…

Who doesn't remember Ayrton senna? Considered one of the best drivers in the history of Formula 1, he died in an accident at the 1994 San Marino GP at the age of 34. The tragedy of the three-time world champion caused many things to change in the competition, although we are not here to talk about that today. Throughout his career he had a good relationship with Honda because it was his engine manufacturer on several occasions and that made him leave us with an unforgettable image for many. Because that drive the Honda NSX Doing pointe-heels with loafers and white socks is practically a religious experience.

That well-known video was during a day of testing in Suzuka, but it seems that the Japanese supercar ended up convincing to good Ayrton. In fact, he later owned a unit in red that just so happens to be currently for sale. It is true that it is a different unit than the one he drove toe-to-heel on that occasion, but has a higher value. It was the vehicle in his best-known personal collection and appeared in the movie “Racing is in My Blood.”

He was not the only one, since Senna owned two other Honda NSXs, one that he used in Brazil and another that his manager Antonio Braga bought him, both in black. However, red is the one he had in his Portuguese home and with which it has been seen and photographed the most. This unit was registered for the first time in 1991 and is currently in perfect condition. It has been restored and accumulates just over 60,000 kilometers in your bookmark. It has only had two owners and is now looking for a third.

Its current owner and the one who is putting it up for sale is the British Robert McFagan. This Senna fan from East Sussex says he fell in love with the car and bought it in 2013 during a trip to the Portuguese Algarve where the driver's family kept it. The legendary red unit given to Senna by Honda with the registration number SX-25-59 is now registered in the United Kingdom and is offered for a whopping £500,000. The exchange rate is 583,748 euros, a figure above other similar examples.

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