These are the only motorcycles you can buy that comply with the DGT ECO label

Kawasaki has launched the first two hybrid motorcycles on the market, the new Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid, which also already have the ECO label of the DGT. An environmental badge that allows them to have access to the ZBE (Low Emission Zones) of large cities, which already have traffic restrictions based on the label granted by the DGT.

Kawasaki's new hybrid models allow us to both circulate in 100% electric mode in ZBE areas, as well as circulate in hybrid mode on interurban trips. In addition, they offer us a wide range of autonomy, but at the same time allow us to enjoy the brand's characteristic DNA.

New Kawasaki Hybrid: ECO label full of sensations

According to the DGT's own description of the ECO label: “Plug-in electric vehicles with a range of less than 40 km, non-plug-in hybrids (HEV), vehicles powered by natural gas and gas (CNG and LNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will be entitled to this label. They must meet the criteria of label C.”

In this way and as established by the current regulations in force, the new Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid They become the first motorcycles to be eligible for this environmental distinction under the ECO label (with permission from the discontinued Piaggio MP3 Hybrid, if there are any in circulation).

The new Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid already have the DGT ECO label

On the other hand, thanks to the 3 different driving modes We will be able to adapt the motorcycle to our daily needs at all times, choosing which of the three Riding Modes can provide us with the necessary propulsion in our movements at the controls of the new Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid.

Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid riding modes

In it mode Eco-Hybrid, the electric motor works in harmony with the internal combustion engine, providing “the best of both worlds.” It offers the possibility of choosing between a six-speed automatic transmission or manual gear selection using paddles on the left handlebar.

The new Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid already have the DGT ECO label

For its part, in the EV modethat is, 100% electric, allows us access to restricted areas and is very convenient in areas where silent driving with zero emissions is required, such as in residential areas and garages.

Lastly, the Sport-Hybrid mode Unleash the full potential of the electric and gasoline engines with the addition of an “E-Boost” function (via a switch on the right handlebar) that effectively harnesses all the power available in both engines for five seconds for astonishing acceleration from a standstill. or really impressive thrust while driving.

The new Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid already have the DGT ECO label

The new Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z7 Hybrid with ECO label They are available at the brand's dealers for an initial price of 13,750 euros. More information on the official Kawasaki website or at any of the authorized distributors we have in our country.

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