They have turned a CRF250L into an epic Street Motard. And they have done it in Japan, where else?

This Honda CRF250L The custom bike was designed to travel the streets and comes from Japan. Its creator is the specialist Dirt Freak and its objective, apart from seeing first-hand what some of the brand’s products look like, is, without a doubt, to bring to the asphalt a lightweight superbike with pedigree, reliability and, above all, style. Lots of style.

Supermotos have that special something that always brings a smile to our faces. Maybe it’s their aggressive design, or their fun air, or their emotionality… There’s no doubt that they exude something different. Whatever it is, a delighted owner of a machine belonging to this segment that has almost disappeared from dealerships is still in love with that agility and non-conformist style. We simply love them.

This is how they have transformed this Honda CRF250L

Now, and as we are telling you, we present this to you Honda CRF250L Street Motard. According to our Japanese colleagues, Dirt Freak personalized this Sling lightweight trail bike to test a new series of products on-site. They chose this model for its lightness and ease of modification.

The appeal of the Street Motard model undoubtedly lies in its 17-inch front and rear wheels, which improve turning ability, stability and road grip. In addition, it can be customized to taste using other parts Dirt Freak. The result, as you can see in the photos and videos, is… Sublime.

Honda CRF250L by Dirt Freak

Modifications included front and rear wheel kits to adopt road tires and rims, revised brake geometry, a new handlebar and control assembly, street-adapted lights with rear license plate holder. Not missing is a specific crankcase guard. Dirt Freakmulti-piece titanium bolts and a set of foot controls with new footpegs.

We have also been able to find out that Dirt Freak used numerous parts from outside suppliers such as Zeta Racing, Z-Wheel, Delta, XAM and DRCamong others. The end result is simply stunning. This bike looks ready to rule the streets, pop wheelies, and generally unsettle more than a few “Tired at the wheel“let him see it coming.

Honda CRF250L by Dirt Freak

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