This is how motorcycle MOTs work in Europe

Motorcycle MOTs are something that we have very normalized in Spain. Every two years from the fourth year of the motorcycle, it must be passed. This has been happening since the mid-eighties, almost 40 years ago, and that is why it is so normal for us.

To this we must add that for almost 20 years now, in 2006, it became mandatory for mopeds, and all for the sake of supposed safety. Far from entering into the debate of whether the MOT on motorcycles is really as important for safety as in other types of vehicles, which would take a long time with arguments for and against, we are going to see what happens outside our borders but within of the European Union.

Motorcycle ITV is not mandatory in all countries

Focusing on the European Union, because the issue of vehicle maintenance depends on independent organizations, it must be said that there is no universal application, despite the fact that since 2014 there has been a directive in that regard. This is directive 2014/45/EU which, as the employers’ association AECA-ITV recalls, obliged all the countries of the Union to establish periodic controls.

The problem here is, like almost everything concerning European politics, cumbersome. And each country could adapt the deadlines and regulations to its needs. Thus, until 2022, only Spain, Italy, Austria, Croatia and Lithuania had what we know as motorcycle MOTs. Other countries such as Ireland, the Netherlands or Finland had implemented alternative measures that covered the “file”.

On motorcycles you have to pass the MOT every 2 years

But, perhaps carried away by the spirit of Asterix and Obelix or by other more complex and purely political interests, France still does not have ITV. In fact, we have talked about it on several occasions and when it seems yes, in the end it ends up being no.

That is why today, in France, motorcycle MOTs are not mandatory. Of course, it is expected that throughout the year this situation will change and the French stronghold will fall, although perhaps the Panoramix potion will allow the brave Gauls to continue standing up for a while longer.

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