This is what the Suzuki with a rotary engine sounds like

The rotary engine is an engine that, on paper, has advantages over piston engines. On other occasions we have talked about Wankel cycle engines, the different models that used them and even some more modern machines that use them such as the Crighton CR700W.

Even so, those advantages, which could be summarized in fewer moving parts, more smoothness, less vibrations, less weight and a higher power-to-weight ratio, were not as efficient as expected. This, added to the fact that, although they seemed simpler, they were actually more technically complex, meant that they did not become popular.

And one of those motorcycles with a rotary engine that was on the market was the Suzuki RE5, which was presented in 1973 at the Tokyo Motor Show and was manufactured between '74 and '76. Its figures were not bad at all for the time, since it could offer 62.5 HP at 6,500 revolutions per minute. With this he managed to reach a maximum speed of 180 kilometers per hour and, taking into account the rest of the RE5's components, the truth is that they do not seem few…

A simple frame, double disc brakes, tires from those of that time, and suspensions that are very far from what the industry has evolved in these almost 50 years, really means that the power was more than enough.

The Suzuki RE5 with a rotary engine was a technical revolution, but a commercial failure

But the Suzuki RE5 was, we can say, a commercial failure. In addition to the complexity of its maintenance, far from the usual maintenance that was (and is done) on motorcycles with conventional engines (Otto cycle) whether two or four stroke, its consumption was very high. That's why it gained a reputation for being a very drinking motorcycle.

Even so, today they are true gems. They are highly valued, because there are not many of them and because of the exotic nature of their mechanics. That is why it is a privilege to be able to enjoy a restoration like the one that the YouTube channel The Bearded Mechanic has carried out. And as a dessert, at the end, you will be able to listen to it come to life.

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